Jeff Van Gundy and Disingenuity

Viewers of Friday night’s telecast of the Heat and Magic heard former Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy predict a Rockets-Heat matchup in this year’s finals.  Such praise and setting of expectations for his former team has not been uncommon from Van Gundy and the reaction from fans is typically of jubilant appreciation.

During his time here, I was Jeff’s biggest supporter, but I’m not so sure he’s being sincere.  I’ve never been one to ascribe motive or intent to a man’s actions, but the sheer willfulness and hyperbole in Gundy’s body of statements is curious.

It almost feels like Jeff is screaming “I’m not bitter about what happened!” and 2) “the Rockets are great…look at how much talent they have!” (hoping we then make the conclusion that it’s a lot more than he had to work with.)

I love the Rockets and there’s a lot to about this club that gives cause for optimism.  But I don’t think there is really any way any sane, neutral observer would hold them in as high of a regard as Jeff Van Gundy seemingly does as implied by his comments.  That’s my two cents.

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