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NY Daily News: Rockets considering helping Knicks land ‘Melo?

via New York Knicks still eyeing Carmelo Anthony as Amar’e Stoudemire, team hold annual media day: The Knicks conceivably can trade a player for a first-round pick, and there is some interest around the league for Anthony Randolph, the third-year forward who came to New York in the David Lee sign-and-trade with Golden State. According to [...]

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Rockets Daily: Friday, September 24th, 2010

Houston Rockets fans seem rather hesitant to part with last year’s premier acquisition, Kevin Martin, in order to replace him with another guy who takes a ton of shots, Carmelo Anthony. Those fans can thank Denver, then, because it seems that the Nuggets have no interest in taking back a contract like Martin’s for a [...]

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Carmelo Anthony, like a bad $100 bill, keeps turning up

First, I want to give credit to all of the comments Jacob and Rahat’s postings have elicited. Such a melting pot of well articulated opinions is rare to find and should be appreciated, at the very least, for challenging our perceptions. I had failed to realize what one commenter, Alituro, equated simply: “essentially all you [...]

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On Melo – Where We Stand

I didn’t think this would still be an issue; I had assumed that like Bosh, and Chris Paul, the early Carmelo to the Rockets rumors would be swept into the dustbin of unwarranted hopes.  But here we are on September 23rd awaiting final word, or maybe the death knell, on the Rockets’ latest pursuit of [...]

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姚明,这个健谈的外国人总是试图用机智的回答给球迷们留下深刻的印象(毫无疑问的, 偶们大家都爱他这一点), 但当他在2008-09赛季的西部半决赛受伤的时候,他很久没有做过啥英语访谈了。– 至少是直到前些天为止。周末,姚明在CNN的TalkAsia上对一系列或重要或无聊的问题作了一个访谈。 当讨论的问题涉及到姚明在内心深处非常希望“一切都好”但是却无法避免一些稍显负面的回答的时候(比如说, 他的脚伤, 以及国家队), 他语言方面的障碍有时会限制他的表达能力, 但是在整整20分钟的访谈中, 他从没有象很多其他的运动员经常出现的那样, 被聚光灯和主持人的问题烤得头昏脑涨, 不知所云。 相反,姚明很成功的表达出了他对未来的那种谨慎乐观的态度。 就象我以前提到过的, 比起不停的提及他目前的训练如何正常, 身体恢复如何良好起来, 他在镜头前显示出来毫不紧张的声音和稳定的双手远更能给我们带来信心。 今年夏季早些时候,对他的访谈更像是被击倒的同志在承认失败。而在今天,我们熟悉的那个嘴尖舌利的姚明终于回来了。

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