The Daily Blast – March 1, 2013

Playoffs? Playoffs!? – After the Milwaukee game, no doubt many Rocketes fans might echo Jim Mora’s famous exclamation, but just for kicks, Hardwood Paroxysm has a look at how the playoffs would shake out if they started today. The prognosis? A tough out against the Spurs:

Average score in San Antonio: Spurs win 104 – 99.3

Average score in Houston: Spurs win 103.7 – 103.3

Series Result: Houston remains the team that no one wants to see, and they prove to be a tough out at home. The Spurs win, but James Harden and the Rockets take a game at home.

“Little Things” – Those are what McHale blamed for the loss after Thursday’s practice. “We blew assignments from the 4-minute mark of the first quarter, all through that game. For–for forty minutes we played terrible defense.”

I’ve talked to people who have lost family members who seemed less upset than McHale at yesterday’s practice. But nothing he said was quite has disturbing as something from Chandler Parsons.

“It feels a lot like last year.” – Seven words that make me shudder, delivered by the only guy on the team who went through the Rockets’ collapse down the stretch of last season.

Of course, the upshot of these depressing post-loss interviews is something that Thomas Robinson picked up on immediately when he arrived–these guys hate losing.

B-Ball Prozac- If you’re feeling depressed about the last few games, just take a look at this list of big men who are making more money than Omer Asik, and call me in the morning.

Bynum? – Also  via The Dream Shake, one Philly-based reporter is saying that Morey is ready to offer Andrew Bynum a contract this summer. Since the word “max” wasn’t included in that report, this sounds perfectly reasonable.* Also, Bynum is the hero Philly deserves, not the hero it needs.

*Bynum is totally a max player when he’s perfectly healthy, as are Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, Yao Ming, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Bill Walton, Sam Bowie, and Professor Charles Xavier.  However, all of these people have some physical limitations that keep them from playing the game at a max level for extended periods of time.

Plaudits – Aaron McGuire over at Gothic Ginobili gives some love to Morey and McHale as he handicaps this seasons awards:

Were I to vote, I’d go with (R.C) Buford, but I’d be willing to hear a strong case for Danny Ferry, Daryl Morey, or Sam Presti. Out of those, I’d expect Daryl Morey to have the strongest shot at the award — quite ironically, short of Kupchak and King’s big acquisitions this summer, Morey is responsible for the biggest trade of this NBA season and it’s worked out surprisingly well for him.

And he lists McHale a dark horse candidate for Coach of the Year:

KEVIN MCHALE: Much like Jackson, McHale’s case is one of the tried-and-true surprise stories — most analysts (myself included) had the Rockets bumming the season near the bottom of the lottery. While Harden deserves much of the credit, McHale deserves some too — he’s done a great job in a tough situation. That said, the Rockets are a bit less surprising than the Warriors to me, given the general variance of their young talent going into the season compared with Golden State’s more veteran-weighted core, and as a lesser Jackson candidate it’s unlikely he pole-vaults him in the COTY standings.

Tweet That - Let’s hope Chandler Bang brings it tonight against his hometown team.

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