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Posted Up: Playoff-Predicting Podcast Edition(s)

Jacob Mustafa and Eric Todd discuss the NBA Playoff picture and other things. Intro+Chicago-Indiana+Miami-Philly Boston-New York Orlando-Atlanta MVP Lakers-New Orleans Oklahoma City-Denver San Antonio-Memphis Dallas-Portland Finals Prediction?

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Kyle Lowry is Possibly the Future

The season’s over for the Rockets.  Free Darko’s calling it a movement.  The lovely pollinated/uted Spring of South-East Texas is giving way to its brutal bludgeon of a relative that keeps most of us locked in our refrigerators, I mean homes, from May until October. LCD Sound System played its last show. All manner of [...]

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NinetyFourStore Re-revisited

Last week we launched several new designs which in and of themselves received a very positive response. However, we made a few honest errors in regards to product offerings and pricing of the tees. We used to have only the Heavyweight and AA tees, but in response to your feedback, we now have a standard [...]

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A word of thanks and other notes

I want to thank you all – there was an outpour of e-mails in response to the call for new moderators.  I have not yet gotten a chance to respond to each of you personally, but I more than appreciate the continued support and interest. After reading through your suggestions, I think I have a [...]

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About Last Night

One thing I have heard and read countless times is that Miami is a transition team, a fast break team. Sure enough, two weeks ago they were. Now, not so much. The Heat rank 23rd in the NBA in John Hollinger’s Pace Factor – the number of possessions a team uses per game. Sure, Miami is trying to [...]

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