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Houston Rockets 2012-2013: What would make this year a success?

I’ve done season previews for the past three years.  Loyalists are well familiar with my MO.  The goal is to win a championship.  To that end, arbitrary win totals or thresholds such as “making the postseason” are (were) not of direct relevance and only serve to blur the issue.  The question to be asked each [...]

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Can Lowry guard shooting guards full-time?

Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic played 16 minutes together last night.  In that time, the Rockets shot 56% from the floor (14/25), dished out 7 assists, and were a +4.  They had an offensive rating of 112.6 and a defensive rating of 99.7 (the number of points the team would have scored and given up [...]

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Open question: Cheap shots against the Rockets

Last night, Nate Robinson tackled Goran Dragic to the floor.  Two nights before, Luis Scola was laid out twice by different Lakers in the span of mere minutes, first by an elbow from Pau Gasol, then from a full on body-check by Matt Barnes.  The common thread among all three plays?  As has been the [...]

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Would Daryl Morey trade for Carmelo Anthony?

So we’ve seen the report that alleges that Carmelo Anthony wants out of New York.  We know that Daryl Morey tried desperately last year to get him and was even willing to rent him without an extension.  Denver got better upon Melo’s departure; since his arrival, the Knicks have been worse. Morey believed that Melo [...]

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So, now what?

I spent the weekend speculating upon possible trades which involved much of the roster.  You can access those thoughts by clicking the ‘trade deadline 2012′ tag below. Last night the news broke that point guard Kyle Lowry will remain sidelined for up to a month.  In the meantime, the Rockets continued their losing ways.  The [...]

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