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A Different Measure

In response to my season preview, a reader, RH Rivera, writes: i prefer RA. team is more fun to watch. Van Gundy has never won anything either. I care more about watching a fun team that plays hard and makes the postseason regularly than winning a title. It’s a topic better suited for Scientific American [...]

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A Case for Iguodala

A reader, Teddy, writes: I just read the Bill Simmons piece about the Team USA gold medal game. One particular paragraph caught my attention: “One of the frustrating things about this tournament: (Andre) Iguodala has been a revelation as a fourth banana/swing defender/energy guy/uber-athlete, which really should have been his NBA destiny — mega-glue guy [...]

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A Note on Donte Greene – Part 2

With all of the speculation surrounding the potential trading of future picks, I thought it might be time to revisit a post written earlier in the year. In Part 1, I wrote: Calculated risks are a big element of team management. This Houston Rockets team had a nucleus last year which, if healthy, could have [...]

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On the draft and the #2 pick

A reader writes: Just wondering if you’ll be addressing the recent news of the 76ers and their willingness to trade the 2nd overall pick (most likely Turner) only along with Brand. I’m curious on what your thoughts on it would be. Thus far, I’ve refrained from commenting on the draft.  As my exposure to these [...]

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Toronto Sun: Houston makes sense for Bosh

I’ve thought for a while Houston seemed like a very logical landing place for Chris Bosh. It’s close to his home, but not actually in Dallas, where he would face tons of distractions. They have all kinds of pieces to entice the Raptors to pull off a sign-and-trade. A 1st round pick from the Knicks, [...]

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