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Long time contributor to The Dreamshake (BD34) and law school graduate. Resident of the District of Columbia and long-time Houston Rockets, Buffalo Bills, and Buffalo Sabres fan.

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Ascertaining Omer Asik’s value, what is he really worth?

Sunday’s loss to the Sacramento Kings made one thing abundantly apparent for the Rockets: This team needs more quality depth if it hopes to be a legitimate contender. This isn’t overreaction. Really. It isn’t. I swear. Early injuries to this Rockets roster illustrate the need for consistently productive and healthy bench players. Perhaps more importantly, [...]

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Terrence Jones emerged as the Rockets’ answer

Before the season began, Houston faced one predominant question regarding its roster. The most pressing question was simply: “Who is our power forward?” Many writers looked outside the current Rockets roster. Some lauded Terrence Jones to be the incumbent starters. Others, still, sought Donatas Motiejunas. To this day, sadly, many still press the idea of [...]

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The Rockets’ abandonment of their game plan falls on the coach

The Houston Rockets sit at 13-6. Their season has been marked by extreme highs and severe lows. Unfortunately, for the Rockets, an NBA game takes place over the course of four quarters rather than just three. The impetus is on Coach Kevin McHale to instill discipline into his players and avoid lethargy. However, there are [...]

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From failure to injuries, the Rockets have forged an identity

Failure and injuries are two things no team wants to deal with. Ever. The Houston Rockets, however, have drawn strength from their failures and their injuries. Indeed, these two things have actually managed to help sort out some major questions about the Rockets roster. Specifically the Rockets have found three key revelations after dealing with [...]

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What to do with Omer Asik?

Recently, Omer Asik requested that the Houston Rockets find him a new home. The reports surfaced after playing only four minutes in a loss to Philadelphia and receiving a Did Not Play (DNP) the following night in Madison Square Garden. The beleaguered big man is rumored to have told coach Kevin McHale that he was [...]

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