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Houston Rockets’ summer assignment list: Part 2, James Harden

Read Part 1 where I discussed Pat Beverley, Donatas Motiejunas, and Trevor Ariza. James Harden:  First, the obvious – Harden needs to show commitment on the defensive end.  It’s simple, really.  This team doesn’t have a chance until its star player brings consistent effort on both sides of the ball, though the Parsons/Ariza swap should [...]

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I’m the cornerstone of this blog. Everyone else is a role writer.

See what I did there? Couldn’t resist! Now that everyone has had a chance to simmer down slightly, let’s attempt to have a somewhat rational conversation about what has recently transpired. Harden’s quote He shouldn’t have said it. Regardless of how truthful the statement is, almost all people would agree that it was better left [...]

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James Harden in the post

I don’t really have much to say about last night’s loss.  As Forrest Walker put it in our recap, the Houston Rockets just need to do a better job of having Dwight Howard.  As we’ve seen in these past few losses, for all of Omer Asik’s beastliness on the boards, with him in the middle, [...]

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James Harden for 1st team All-NBA?

James Harden is a superstar by almost any objective measurement. He’s spent the year scoring at will, flattening the intrigue out of close games by turning them into blowouts, demoralizing and humiliating some of the best defenders in the word, unofficially establishing himself as one of the league’s 12 best players, and officially starting in [...]

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How much of the Houston Rockets’ problem is James Harden?

At 22-13, and fifth in the West, the Houston Rockets have thus far performed below expectations.  When that happens in professional sports, much of the blame typically lies at the feet of the star player.  Six Red94 writers got together to discuss the case of James Harden and some of the problems in Houston. Rahat: [...]

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