Rank these frontcourt duos:




*Dirk/whoever they end up getting


Rank these combos!  Go!

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OH NOES DON’T TAKE OUR KIDS!!!1 – A guide to the nation about Houston’s young players

Landing here from ESPN.com?  Not a Rockets fan but curious about Houston’s young players?  This article is a manual classifying Houston’s young players which should come as instructive to the casual NBA fan.Ed.

How’s that for a title?  I debated for a good ten minutes as to whether it’d be worth writing out this post and risking it becoming obsolete before I even got to hit publish.  But here goes anyways.  Too much to say over Twitter.

Yes, young players are being sent from Houston, contrary to the reports from a few hours ago.  I’d be doing it too if I were Stern.  (In fact I can’t believe that first manifestation of this looked like that.)  But noone knows who these “young players” are.  Never before has a group of 1,000 to 2,000 people sat painstakingly trying to decipher the meaning of that phrase.  Is it our good young players?  Is it our crappy young players?  Hell, they can have our young players  as long as its not our good ones.

This calls for a hierarchical classification of our young players.

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New Gasol trade submitted to league; huge sigh of relief – no further young players included

via ESPN’s Marc Stein:

Just filed to ESPN w/@Chris_Broussard: New trade framework of original three-team CP3 deal has been submitted to league office for approval

followed up by Woj:

In restructured 3 way deal, Houston still sending Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, and 2012 picks to Hornets, sources say.
The structural changes in deal will come between Lakers and Hornets, source says.
I never realized how much I loved Patrick Patterson and Courtney Lee before we almost lost them.

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And like that, we’re back to square one…[updated]

Update at the bottom.

Unless something has changed in the two minutes that have transpired since I began typing this post, we’re back to square one, sort of, with the Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets trying to revive the blockbuster that was mercilessly axed by David Stern last night.  A lot happened today.  Typically I’d be down enough that I missed the start of camp and will also miss media day but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  It just so happened that the most bizarre 24 hours in maybe any team’s history–after months of mind numbing silence, mind you–had to go down just a day before my first of three final exams.  (I’m a second year law student.)  Why, God?  Why?  In the last day, the Rockets traded half their team for Pau Gasol, had it nixed by the league, we heard through Bill Simmons that Daryl Morey was apparently contemplating resigning, and faced tampering allegations that would lead one to believe we actually pursued Dwight Howard.  Exhale.  Oh, and training camp was taking place as well, apparently.

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Open thread for today’s developments

I won’t have access to a computer for the remainder of the day but I wanted to at least provide a spot in which you can discuss today’s developments as they unfold.  As always, thanks for reading.

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