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Houston Rockets forward Royce White was a guest on Slate’s Hang up and Listen podcast.  The full transcript of that interview can be found here, at the bottom of the page.

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On the NBA: A few odds and ends

So this was interesting.  Fights are common in the Association as is the “‘x’ was waiting for the ‘y’ team bus after the game” narrative. But when was the last time an altercation involved two players of this magnitude?  You have your usual fight archetypes in ‘over-anxious scrub vs. star’, ‘borderline star’ vs. ‘borderline star’, and ‘Kevin Garnett vs. random European/point guard’, among others, but this…?  Carmelo Anthony is a full blooded American and full-grown, but more importantly, these are two potential Hall of Famers (in Garnett’s case, a lock), who have been around for ages…I had always envisioned the league as some sort of fraternity where anyone with x number of All-Star appearances was cool with anyone else of similar ilk.  Second point: Has waiting for the other team’s bus ever done anything?  With the knowledge that swarms of security personnel would be present, this sort of stunt has about the same ‘punch factor’ as just going home and writing the opposing party a very, very angry e-mail.

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Carlos Delfino is a perfect fit

Roughly 99% of all the NBA’s players depend on beneficial situations to maximize their success. Unless we’re talking about LeBron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, or a healthy Dwight Howard, players need the “right” environment to hit their ceiling and reach their ultimate potential. That means either a beneficial scheme, set of teammates, or supportive locker room. Or a combination of all three.

The Houston Rockets are one of the smartest teams in the league because they recognize the importance of taking players that are relevant to their basketball philosophy, and putting them in situations to flourish. Carlos Delfino is a perfect example. [read more…]

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The Rockets come home to the Toyota Center tonight for a one game home stand against one of the league’s most glamourous teams.  In many respects these two teams are polar opposites. The Rockets are rolling with four straight wins, the Lakers are reeling with three straight losses. The Rockets are young, the Lakers are old, the Rockets are healthy, the Lakers are banged up. Expectations in Houston are on the rise as the team’s chances of making the playoffs solidify by the day, expectations in LA are plummeting as dreams of championship contention slip away. Unlike the stylistic similarities of the previous game against Cleveland, tonight’s game will be a study in contrasts.

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Can the Rockets afford to be picky?

As we climb in, I ask about the Rockets’ future. Harden is a piece of the puzzle, Morey says, but not the endgame. Even after signing Harden to a five-year, $80 million extension, Houston is in position to have ample cap room next summer, enough to sign another foundational player. Morey’s not picky about who it is. “We can’t afford to be,” he says.

I just read Chris Ballard’s phenomenal piece on Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey for the first time in its entirety today.  If you’re a diehard, it’s a must-read.

The highlighted above was a quote I found interesting, if not rather surprising.  Up to this point, I had assumed that given their current position, Rockets management felt that it could be picky.  The team, the youngest in the league, is within arm’s length of homecourt, has a solid core, and a clean financial slate.  Why wouldn’t they take their time and wait for the perfect guy?

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