Morning thoughts for 11/26

  • I couldn’t think of a better title so I’m just rolling with the date. I actually am not even sure what I’m about to write about.
  • A two day break in the schedule feels odd. It’s felt like there has been at least a game every other night during the week all year. I could be imagining this.
  • The season is too long. I’m excited about watching the games again but this is because I own a Rockets blog which I have been writing for over ten years. I am very much the atypical person. No normal person around me seems to care about basketball.
  • I think the season should be like 30 games. With a single elimination postseason. Oh my God. Can you imagine the madness? 30 games with one game per week over the course of eight months. Tell me you would not be glued to your television set for every one of those and in anticipation all week.
  • This is a point I go back to a lot in regards to football being the most popular sport in America: it’s not that football is inherently more entertaining, as some have argued and/or falsely assumed. The cause of the disparity is the constructed scarcity. In essence, the NFL withholds output (ie: the number of games) and the effect is an increase in consumer demand/interest. Now, of course, the NFL has a perfectly rational justification for this which the NBA has not had: the physical and violent nature of the sport requires that players take a week off between games to heal their bodies. But I wonder if the NBA schedule was first conceived in 2019, with all of the science we now have on rest and soft-tissue injuries etc., if the argument could apply that either a) an 82 game compacted schedule is too demanding on the human body and/or b) an 82 game schedule is not conducive to optimal performance.
  • What people fail to grasp is that we’re living in a different economic era where consumers have an unthinkable abundance of choice not only in how they spend their money but how they use their time. Social media was not ubiquitous as recently as even ten years ago. When was the last time you saw a 20-something-year-old in a casual setting where his/her phone was not literally in/his her hand the entire time? In that environment, who is going to carve out a two hour block in the middle of their evening to sit on the couch through a November matchup between their home team and the Sacramento Kings?
  • None of this could ever happen because the loss in gate receipts. Every one of those 30 owners has an expectation of selling tickets to 41 home games.
  • I didn’t plan on this entire post to be about the schedule.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of

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