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This year, in 16 games started, Goran Dragic has averaged 17.6 points and 8.7 assists in 36.6 minutes.  He has shot 53% from the field and 44% from downtown. In the 38 games this year in which he came off the bench, Dragic shot 42% overall from the field and 26% on 3’s.

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On the NBA: A Eulogy for STAT

Dan Savage has left me with many messages that will be forever emblazoned somewhere in my mind, most unrepeatable on a family blog like the one you’re reading, but if there were ever one that seemed more important than others, that most important tidbit would be that once can only truly know what one loves or even likes after one’s tried a lot of different kinds. All true adherents to the game have had those spells, those months or even years where a sabbatical seemed necessary to any semblance of a normal life. Whether deviating because of college, girls, jobs, an actual life— whatever the reason, we’ve all had to stop watching the game with same fervor as we once did, if only to see what it’d be like. For me, college represented a (quite literal) chance to shed my walls of unopened Star Wars figures, elementary school honor roll certificates and, yes, SLAM UP Kobe Bryant posters; I couldn’t properly lose myself in it if I were to live the way I did as a pudgy tween, meaning a clean, bloodless severance from basketball. For a while, I held out, getting my sports fix from leaving on Astros games as I finished homework and gobbled down endless thin crust Domino’s Pizza slices, eventually caving to watch a little ball while still keeping at a Kevin-Durant-arm’s-length. Then it happened: that moment in basketball when things that didn’t quite seem impossible occurred; no, something I had never even thought of happened. But it was just a block. [read more…]

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Linsanity at full-force was short-lived.  Most observers of this team would tell you Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic were both better anyway.  Terrence Williams didn’t work out largely due to his own fault.  To followers of the Houston Rockets, Rudy Gay still stands as ‘the one that got away’ in the Morey era.

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I live blogged this game and you can find that transcript here.  I stopped writing at overtime wanting to save things for this post-game writeup.  What an absolutely crazy game.  We talked to McHale, Dragic, Chandler, and Lee all after the game, and I’m still not completely sure what happened.  It seems clear though, from their comments, that the other players were not made aware that Dragic had six fouls.  I won’t pin the loss on McHale, simply because it took a miraculous sequence to even have the team back in the game, but man…what a costly, costly blunder.

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  • The first interesting development was the announcement pre-game that Marcus Camby would be starting at center in lieu of Samuel Dalembert.  Via Jason Friedman, Dalembert is no longer suffering from the flu.  Also via Friedman, when asked if the switch would remain in place going forward, McHale said, “we’ll see.”  To those of you wondering if Kevin Martin would regain his starting spot upon returning, I think you pretty much got your answer.  Kevin McHale does not care about hurt feelings.
  • While watching Roy Hibbert tonight, understand that he is one of the restricted free agents whom the Rockets will have an opportunity to pursue this summer, if they choose, and hope to lure away from his current team.  It’s a long shot.
  • 3:38 remaining in the 1st and Courtney Lee has already taken like thirty shots.  Methinks someone is warming up quite nicely to their starting role.

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