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On Harden, Rivers, Green and House

Amidst the recent talk of James Harden not only being the league MVP, but maybe the most gifted offensive player in basketball history, I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately back to the days when the Rockets didn’t even have a single star, and the path to getting one almost felt hopeless. It just feels surreal at […]

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The long-term need for evolution

Chris Paul is rolling right now, quieting early fears that Father Time had already struck. (The notion that Paul was washed up following a string of poor performances was an odd one – he hadn’t shown the sort of gradual indicators consistent with age.) But the 33-year-old will eventually regress as everyone does. It’s inevitable. […]

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Revisiting Hartenstein

You’ll remember that last week, I mused that Isaiah Hartenstein, despite a team leading net rating, was the weakest link in the rotation and a strong candidate to be replaced in the rotation at some point in the season. After a few more outings, I’m not sure I still stand by that opinion. It’s true […]

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