ESPN: Houston Rockets interested in acquiring Eric Gordon

So this was interesting, via ESPN:

I’m told a Gordon trade this season is highly unlikely, with one source with knowledge of the situation telling this week that, as things stand, there’s “less than a 10 percent chance” New Orleans would move Gordon before the deadline. Still, the fact that the Hornets made calls around the league implies that they are at least warming up to the idea of moving him at some point.

Word is Dallas, Houston and Golden State are among the teams that have inquired about him. Houston envisions playing him alongside James Harden and Jeremy Lin in its fast-paced system, with Harden at small forward.

Of course, both Houston and Dallas view Gordon as Plan B. Both clubs are saving their max cap room this summer to make a run at the disgruntled one, Dwight Howard. If that falls through, the loser(s) will turn their eyes to Gordon, among others.

Gordon is only one of the many options Houston would consider if it can’t land Howard. Several executives have said the Rockets have interest in Philadelphia’s Andrew Bynum, assuming Bynum returns from his knee injury for a significant chunk of the season’s second half and plays up to his typical All-Star form. That might be a big assumption, though, with Bynum’s recent comments about still suffering pain in his knee.

Whatever the case, the Rockets aren’t expected to be as active next week as they typically are around the deadline because of their desire to save their cap space for the summer. I’m told they’re not in play for Zach Randolph, Danny Granger or Pau Gasol, as has been often rumored.

Gordon and Harden at the wings has the potential to be the best 1-2 in the league once Dwyane Wade progresses in his decline.  The only problem is that Gordon just can’t stay healthy.

Honestly, even taking that into consideration, I’d pull the trigger.  In Harden, Gordon, and Lin, you’d have three speedy guards that attack the hoop relentlessly and can force the pace.  With Asik, of course, you can erase mistakes.  I wouldn’t be concerned about size because Gordon is very good defensively.  That Harden is below of average is immaterial – he’d be below average anywhere in the lineup, and the ’2′ and ’3′ spots are interchangeable.  (As I type this, I wonder if the rationale here would be similar to moving McGrady to the ’3′ and bringing in David Wesley, jettisoning Jimmy Jackson.  It might be less defensively demanding for a lazy defender to guard bigger wings than to chase speedy 2′s….)

You’d need some sort of rebounding upgrade at the ’4′, but that’s a constant.  If no Dwight, I’d be all about Gordon.  You might even be able to convince me that Gordon is preferable.

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  • ale11 says 1 YEAR ago

    blakecouey, on 16 February 2013 - 17:23 PM said:

    Overall, I think our team could make it work, but with that small of a front court, I'd like to see an upgrade at the 4 still prior to acquiring Gordon.

    Precisely. We have other priorities right now....I mean, having two All-Star caliber (talentwise) shooting guards but no real back-up at center, or not having a reliable rebounder at power forward or a composed point guard to play back-up....It would be cool to see him here, We would be making about 372 points per game ( :P) but that's not exactly an upgrade from what we have now, we are already scoring more points than most teams, we need to fill in the blanks to get better, not superimpose talent at the same position.
  • blakecouey says 1 YEAR ago It'd be hard to not be excited about having a player like Gordon on the team, at least until the first time he misses an extended amount of time due to injury. About his injury issues though, I feel he drags his recovery out based on not wanting to play for his current team. The guy hasn't played on a good team his entire career. He was a Clipper when they were struggling to win easy games, and now a Hornet while they're awful. As an NBA Player in 5 seasons, Eric Gordon's teams have accumulated only 120 wins, and never made the playoffs. If I were him I wouldn't be in any hurry to get back on the court either.

    Overall, I think our team could make it work, but with that small of a front court, I'd like to see an upgrade at the 4 still prior to acquiring Gordon. Unless you can lock down the paint, I don't see how you can consistently win. It would be fun as hell to watch though.
  • feelingsupersonic says 1 YEAR ago I have to second what Sir Thursday writes. If there is one thing we know about Morey is that more often than not he keeps trades under wraps pretty well and we as fans do not get the story till after the trade goes down. The Rockets do a good job of keeping player transaction details in house. I would guess that Morey is just routinely inquiring about Gordon and might be a piece to include in a 3 team trade knowing Morey. That is my best guess.
  • rocketrick says 1 YEAR ago I'd rather have Parsons and his flexibility and court savvy than an often injured Gordon that can basically only play the 2, Harden's natural position.
  • Sir Thursday says 1 YEAR ago As the article says, it's highly unlikely that Gordon gets moved anywhere. And in any case, all Houston have done is make an 'inquiry'. That's something active GMs (which Morey most certainly is) do as a matter of routine and has very little bearing on whether or not it's a trade that is seriously being considered. This could have just been Morey idly asking something like: "So, how's Eric Gordon working out for you?", or somesuch. Not a particularly good indicator of anything other than that Morey is doing his job.

    I tend to ignore articles like this unless they actually mention concrete negotiations progressing. Otherwise it's usually just a tidbit of regular NBA business that's been blown up far out of proportion with its significance.

  • thejohnnygold says 1 YEAR ago I'm not sold on this at all. Gordon's only full season was the lock-out year....other than that he is injured. Add to that his shooting is Kobe-like in that he uses volume to amass numbers....he is not a good enough finisher at the rim, imo.....if he wanted to be our sixth man off the bench....I might like it, but at $13+ milliion/year I stop liking it.

    So to recap: Injured, inefficient, and expensive.

    Maybe in our system his numbers increase and it maximizes his skill-set better than before....but that only solves 1 of the 3 problems.

    Sacramento tried it. Milwaukee keeps trying it. The Knicks tried it (and got lucky).....what is it? Amassing high volume scoring guards and thinking that is a good idea. It only ever worked once (the knicks) and they got steam-rolled in the finals once a real team showed up. We know what this team needs and it isn't another slash and shoot player.

    Look at every NFL team that ignores their O and D Lines for the flashy players at RB, WR, CB, QB, etc. All losers.

    Plus, we give up a lot in this trade...don't forget that. No more parsons. No more delfino. No more t. jones/D-mo. Kiss all that good bye to watch eric gordon shoot 40%...that is when he isn't rehabbing his knees.
  • Steven says 1 YEAR ago

    timetodienow1234567, on 15 February 2013 - 13:34 PM said:

    Lol. guys. Obviously Parsons is gone if we get Gordon. Come on now.

    Not necessarily, but more then likely. And it won't be till the summer anyways.
  • timetodienow1234567 says 1 YEAR ago Lol. guys. Obviously Parsons is gone if we get Gordon. Come on now.
  • rockets best fan says 1 YEAR ago I like the idea. my only reservation is how much gordon stays hurt. when healthy he is clearly a star, but you can't score from the rehab room. he has not played a complete season since he entered the league. base on that stat I would say no to any deal. while we could be contenders when he's healthy he misses to much time on the court. in addition I am always scary about players who have chronic knee problems. in the nba a players knees take a pounding. if you aren't starting out with a good set chances are you won't be around long.
  • phaketrash says 1 YEAR ago And I'm also quite unclear on how he'd fit on our roster. Parsons off bench w/ Harden at the 3? We could go super small ball and even have Parsons at the 4 sometimes lol. It sounds like a fun experiment that won't actually work...

    We'd have a team that would not be getting great perimeter wing stops, and really just going for a SUPER version of our current offense haha. 130+ pt game averages! :P
  • phaketrash says 1 YEAR ago It's japanese, not mandarin lol.
  • rockets best fan says 1 YEAR ago I thought the idea of making a comment was so everyone could read it.........sorry but my mandrain is outdated :lol:
  • Ostrow says 1 YEAR ago Where would he fit? Off the bench? Harden at the 3? I'm not sure how it would work.
  • Cooper says 1 YEAR ago Getting Gordon would be awesome, is wonder what the price for him would be though?