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On the issue of Aaron Brooks

It has been the opinion of this publication that Aaron Brooks is not in actuality as valuable as his reputation would hold.  While his numbers imply an improvement (PER), his increased scoring totals can largely be attributed to usage-inflation.  Brooks has difficulty against one particular phenotoype (the Rondo-Rose-Westbrook class has given him fits) and has [...]

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Rockets Daily: Friday, August 27th, 2010

As Rockets fans, much of the chicanery of the modern NBA, particularly that which was related to this summer, seems to have transpired at a distance, allowing fans to cry foul at the mismanagement of organizations seen as weak or submissive to players’ wills and damn the superstars with the power and volition to cause [...]

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Rockets Daily: Thursday, August 26th, 2010

The Houston Rockets want no parts of “baby-men”. When most NBA teams sign undrafted rookies, the signings are generally chalked up to filling out rosters or just doing things to beat the middle-of-August-ennui (I’m looking at you, Kahn), but we know that a Daryl Morey contract in August comes full of portent, yet reveals another [...]

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Welcome, Jacob Mustafa; Rockets Daily – Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Please welcome Jacob Mustafa, our new Rockets Daily news editor.  I think you all will be very pleased with this new addition.  Thanks again to all who expressed interest in the role. A little about Jacob: At a very early point in my life, trying to recapture the brand new Houston Rockets logo in my [...]

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Welcome, Connor Winn; Red94 resident capologist

Thanks again to all who responded to the call: your interest is appreciated. Without further ado, I’m excited to welcome the newest contributor to Red94, Connor Winn.  Henceforth, Connor will serve as our resident capologist, edifying you on those matters so critical to discourse, yet so horrifically taxing upon the mind.

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