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Houston Rockets 98, New Jersey Nets 93

This game was won simply by virtue of the New Jersey Nets not being a very good team. Carl Landry stayed in ‘beast mode’ leading the way with 26 points and 9 boards.  The Nets were paced by Devin Harris’ 19 points. The Houston Rockets led 57-51 after 24, shooting 53% from the field, but [...]

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Carl Landry: Sixth-Man of the Year?

Update: Added minutes played and per-minute scoring stats at the end of the post. During the Lakers-Cavs Christmas Day game, Mike Breen asked his broadcasting partners to comment on how underrated Andersen Varaejo has been as a 6th-man of the year candidate. Jeff Van Gundy, as usual in the Houston Rockets’ corner, used the opportunity [...]

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Orlando Magic 102, Houston Rockets 87

This game was lost midway through the 3rd quarter when Trevor Ariza inexplicably tried to create for himself off the dribble on three consecutive trips down the floor.  Spanning from the 7:05 mark of the 3rd, up until a Jameer Nelson ’3′ a few minutes later, the lead ballooned to 12 and the Houston Rockets [...]

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Houston Rockets 108, LA Clippers 99

My first thoughts coming out of this game pertained to how my Landry thesis is absolutely being torn to shreds by its principle subject.  I asserted prior to the year that Carl had peaked offensively and needed only to focus on his interior defense.  On the basis of observations from last season, I then stated [...]

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On McGrady – Part 3

I can’t recall the last time in Houston sports history that a topic was so greatly divisive. I’m quickly learning, however, that the greater challenge in covering a polarizing issue lies not in conducting the actual assessment, but in ensuring complete clarity of articulation. It seems that a certain lack of comprehension has made it [...]

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