The Daily Blast – March 22, 2013

Royce Report – Let’s take this one tweet at a time…

Have been advised by our team physician it is most logical I be in Houston the remainder of the season. Thank you @rgvvipers for having me.

Never said I’d be rejoining the @HoustonRockets… only that I’d be returning to Houston. Again, thank you @rgvvipers for having me.

To clarify, I’m not quitting basketball. I’m working out in Houston to better transition and prepare for next season. Very excited for it…

A team spokesman says he’s still on the RGV roster, and the team will have no further comment.

One more mixed signal from White:

#AnxietyTroopers If I have to be famous, make millions and perform well to be able to speak truth, I’ll pass. #Honesty is worth more…

This does not sound like a man who is interested in playing professional basketball at a high level. Perhaps more disturbing, it shows that he doesn’t want to use his obvious talent to help advance the cause of people who have mental health. If and when he falls out of the league altogether, his audience will dwindle.

Cold-sweated Fear – That’s my emotional state while reading this piece from The Dream Shake, which examines the possibility that the Rockets could again fall out of the playoff race.

There’s a reason we looked at the schedule though for purposes of this post. The Rockets have a schedule that appears to be relatively soft and winnable to close out the season. If the Rockets win the games any playoff hopeful team should win we have a record of about 44-38. If they steal a few more they could look as high as a 46 or 47 win season. Now, last year the Rockets fell apart down the stretch. If Houston’s peak and valley play continues it’s possible that we see a hard skid come soon with a stretch against the Spur, Pacers, Grizzlies, Clippers, and then continued sliding against a team like Orlando and Sacramento. If that happens and Houston gets no help from the Lakers and Jazz then we may very well be on the outside looking in again.

It then asks how much responsibility McHale would take if the collapse happened again. My answer would be 100 percent, but lets cross that bridge when we come to it (hopefully never).

Andrew Bynum’s Knees – Hardwood Paroxysm looks at Bynum from the perspective of a writer who just wrecked his knee while snowboarding. The article concludes thusly:

Maybe Bynum never figures out how to be a true professional, but in the mean time lets try and empathize with the pain he’s had to experience during his stagnated NBA career. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to ice my knee again.

There are a pair of salient truths stemming from this article. First, we shouldn’t doubt Bynum when he says he’s in too much pain to play. Second, that his history of knee injuries should cast serious, serious doubts on whether he is worth spending the Rockets’ cap space on next summer.

Tweet That – Look at James Harden’s picture and you’ll be amused. Cross my heart.

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