The Daily Blast – January 15, 2013

For fans of symmetry - three losses in a row equals slipping three standings in ESPN’s power rankings. By Hollinger’s ranking, the good guys are still holding strong at 10th in the league.

Dunkface – The Houston Chronicle asked Chandler Parsons about the opportunity to guard Blake Griffin and vice versa.  Why is this important? Because it gives us an excuse to watch this again:

Also from the Chron, Jeremy Lin has shaky ankles.

Sabermeterriffic - it would behoove all disciples of Daryl to read this and then this from Hardwood Paroxysm on the subject of creating a stat for shot quality.

Speak of the devil – our fearless leader took to Twitter to answer fan questions yesterday. He lists his biggest regret as the Terrance Williams deal (surprise!), and downplays the likelihood of a lot of movement at the trade deadline.

Coach Mac – McHale thinks Chris Paul is really good at basketball and that it will be hard to beat the Clippers if they give up a lot of dunks. Well…he’s not wrong.

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