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Houston Rockets @ OKlahoma City Thunder, Game 1: First Half Observations

I don’t even know whether to be disappointed or relieved right now.  When the Rockets tied it after that 13-2 run, I got greedy thinking we had it.  But OKC just blew this thing open, relatively speaking. At the start, it was looking like this would be a 40 point blowout.  The good guys somehow [...]

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The day after, and three days away: Reflecting upon Houston’s complete collapse

It’s 7:07 A.M. right now at the time of writing.  I’ve had a little over six hours now to digest last night’s loss.  I’ve calmed down a bit and am glad I stepped away when I did.  Had I not, I would have certainly written things I’d later regret – things fueled by pure, unadulterated anger. [...]

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Phoenix Suns 119, Houston Rockets 112: Opposite Day

In a normal game, the Houston Rockets would be led on offense by their big 3 of Lin-Harden-Parsons who would shoot well from the 3-ball and from the free throw line, and would have a defense anchored by Omer Asik.  In a normal game, the Houston Rockets would struggle against teams with good defensive centers [...]

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Houston Rockets 121, Sacramento Kings 100 – Welcome to the Sixth Seed

In Chandler Parsons’ first game back from his calf stain, the Houston Rockets limited his minutes for a different reason entirely. James Harden was the only Rocket to play over 30 minutes due to a team-wide case of blowout over the Sacramento Kings. The Rockets led by over 18 heading into the fourth, letting head [...]

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A closer look at Grizzlies @ Rockets is a site I like to use to sometimes get a better understanding of what took place within a game.  It provides a look at each player’s production during each of his stints on the court. Here is the flowchart for tonight’s affair against Memphis. Looking at James Harden specifically, he started out 1-5 [...]

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