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Is Houston ready for two All-Stars? Even if one is Jeremy Lin?

James Harden’s ascension up the ranks of NBA buzzdom seems less shocking than preordained after the Beard was sent down south a couple of days before the season began. After spending a couple of years being regarded as the Thunder’s “secret weapon” or “trump card” or a host of other euphemisms for “really amazing player [...]

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Why the Rockets Should Give the Entire NBA Hope

Because of almost two decades of failed franchise moves, mangled body parts, and semi-self-imposed irrelevance, forgive the Rockets faithful if their reaction to the first week of the 2012-13 season seemed more supernatural phenomena than pleasant surprise. As the folk tales of the new freak talent with the big contract and bigger beard spread throughout [...]

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Kevin McHale might want to play some of those young guys.

I imagine that Carlos Delfino has not often had nights in the NBA go as well as Wednesday night did for him, ribbons of three-pointers falling through the net at the most opportune moments for a fanbase with which he was getting a completely blank slate. And for all of his showmanship in this short [...]

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Daryl Morey: Machado leading league in two categories

via Daryl Morey’s twitter (@DMorey): More preseason info: @ScottMachado is leading all players in NBA preseason in assists per teammate FGM & assists per touch We’ve known for some time that the Rockets track their own proprietary metrics in various nonconventional categories.  (For instance, if memory serves, they ranked Tracy McGrady at tops in the league in [...]

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A thread this morning in the discussion forum brought to mind a topic I’ve pondered for some time: how exactly are the demographics of Rockets fans composed?  The question holds significance because, as we can infer from the Jeremy Lin signing, business implications do hold bearing on personnel decisions.

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