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The Red94 Podcast – Trade Deadline Edition

In today’s episode, I break down some of the possibilities for the Rockets at the trade deadline and the expected rationale behind those moves.   Click to download. Podcast Powered By Podbean

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For Rockets, trading for Hawks’ Smith might now make sense

Since the season’s start, I’ve maintained that at the trade deadline, the Rockets should stay away from Hawks forward Josh Smith.  I never thought he was worth the money he wanted long-term nor worth the cost of saving money for better opportunities.  I thought though that even if they did want him, they’d be wise [...]

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Huq’s Pen: All-Star weekend, Jordan, Dwight

You saw my videos with former Rockets Robert Horry and Sam Cassell from earlier today in the post before this.  Great, great stuff from those guys and always surreal hearing them talk about those glory days.  I remember being an 11 year old kid and having my world shattered when that ’96 team got swept [...]

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[video] Robert Horry, Sam Cassell on ‘The Barkley Trade’

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Huq’s Pen: All-Star Weekend

I’m about to leave in an hour or so to check out some of the All-Star events.  The Rising Stars teams will be holding practice with media availability ensuing thereafter. Perhaps I’m proving closer to 67 rather than my actual age of 27, but save for perhaps the real game itself, I’m not really looking [...]

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