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Houston Rockets fastbreaking this season is a website I came across recently that provides some team statistics that are difficult to find elsewhere. The nice thing about it is it also allows you to view the statistics at a specified date. Rockets fastbreak points, in particular,  were of interest to me. Here’s a quick look at our fastbreak points [...]

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Statistical +/- for Houston Rockets

Using the statistical +/- model described at the excellent blog here and here, and data provided by, I calculated boxscore ratings for all NBA players who have played at least 500 minutes this season. Statistical +/- is not a +/- rating in the conventional sense, in that it is not based directly on [...]

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Glance at Trevor Ariza’s Scoring Efficiency this Year

Just a quick look at Houston Rockets guard Trevor Ariza’s scoring efficiency (in terms of true shooting%) over the course of this season: The red line represents league average true shooting% (about 54%).  It is rare indeed when Ariza is able to match this number; he has done it only 9 times this season.

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Houston Rockets 101, Milwaukee Bucks 98 (OT)

It was yet another ugly win for the Houston Rockets. The Rockets again got off to a rocky start, trailing 21-27 after 9 minutes. The starters generally executed the offense well in these opening minutes, but the defense struggled. Scola, in particular, had difficulty staying in front of Mbah a Moute on his drives from [...]

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Slow Starts

To date, the Houston Rockets have had arguably had the most difficult schedule in the league and have come out of it with a 20-16 record. That’s better than almost anyone would have predicted. But with the Rockets now experiencing their first 3-game losing streak after a tough road swing through New Orleans, LA, and [...]

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