Friday, November 6, 2009

Thoughts on David Anderson: Part Deux

Is this the face of someone who would disappoint? (Don't answer that.)

I hate to do this just hours before tip-off, but this needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP. The overall amount of discontent with David Andersen is snowballing at such a rate that, if constant, he'll be at the 'Luther Head' level on the 'persona non grata' chart by the 3rd quarter tonight.

Look, I realize he's not very good defensively right now. Okay, admittedly he's terrible. Irrelevant. As I said in my season preview, each independent element should be assessed, not in respect to its present value, but through the lens of its potential to induce future overall growth. To put it simply, it's not about this year, it's about next year.

Naturally, such a mindset is difficult to adopt in a domain where the intended end is, as a passive participant, instant gratification. I understand this and I empathize fully. This team is incredibly entertaining and looks like it will be pretty good too. But the broader picture is the championship. Save the machismo - that's not happening this year.

David Andersen can help this team next year when Yao returns. His skillset is the perfect complement at a bargain basement price. He's shown some nice moves in the post and an ability to step out on the floor. That versatility will be vital next year as we limit Yao's minutes upon his return. Have we forgetten so soon that Scola basically looked like an Argentinian reincarnation of Pig Miller at this same point in his rookie campaign?

Fans need to be patient with Andersen's development. It's a very difficult adjustment process, especially inside. We tend to think that because he's 30, we can expect immediate return. In actuality, its not always the player's age that impedes immediate impact, but rather the adjustment to the speed of the game.

Give him time and then we can assess.


jr249 said...

Assuming that Scolandry is holding down the four spot next year, wouldn't you expect Chuck to be Yao's primary backup next year, relegating Andersen to offensive specialist fifth big man? He may not be such a bargain in that role. You're right though - he's shown flashes of offensive skill that are rare among NBA centers, and we'd be wise be patient as he acclimates to the NBA (crosses fingers in hopes that Andersen acclimates to the NBA).

Anonymous said...

Andersen ;)

The Review Chick said...

you have to emphasize the E

AndersEn :)

Anonymous said...

If his learning curve is anything like Scola's, we'll end up glad that we have Andersen. It's early days, and he has a ways to go, but he's already shown some flashes of the offensive skills we've heard about. - Deck

Anonymous said...

This is the guy Morey has been after for quite some time (big with 3 pt range).

Make no mistake, this move was about next year, and he will be given every oppurtunity to succeed, while playing next to Yao.

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