Sunday, November 15, 2009

On Greatness

In watching Brandon Jennings' onslaught last night on league pass, my primary emotion was an excitement for the city of Milwaukee. Maybe even moreso than 'greatness' itself, as a sports fan, I don't think there is truly any spectacle more intriguing than that of 'greatness' in its infancy. There is nothing quite like being within that moment when uncharted waters are first crossed; in serving witness to that precocious excellence which captures the imagination, teasing it of the possibilities yet to unfold.

As a Rockets fan, the feeling is familiar. Watching Steve Francis in that first year, I thought he was the Isiah Reincarnate. I thought the inconsistency issues suffered by Yao would be left in the dust as he matured and became acclimated to the league. Neither happened.

This usually is the case. But as a fan of the NBA, as a fan of sport, I am conscious of this rarity of realization. It only amplifies the intrigue when the next young phenom holds center court.


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