Saturday, November 14, 2009


With the Rockets outrebounded 54 to 35 last night, the popular sentiment seems to be one of complete panic. From the uproar over the demotion/dismissal of Dorsey/Pops to calls for a trade of Battier for a stopgap 'big', the overall myopia of the fan base is pretty perplexing.

This has been a common theme since 'The Announcement' [of Yao's injury] when Antonio McDyess and Joel Pryzbilla were the chic targets of desire.

I don't get it.

If we sign a young 7 footer who we think can be part of the long term plan, and he produces, that's great. But acquiring an aging stopgap or even worse, trading a major trade chip such as Battier for a short term replacement makes absolutely zero sense. So we might win a few extra games. Big deal. That accomplishes absolutely nothing in the grand scheme and only hinders the development of the team's overall asset base.

I can only say that I sure am thankful that Daryl Morey is at the helm of this team. From balking at the rumored McGrady for Davis/Kaman deal last year to refusing to settle for counterproductive stopgap solutions, it's clear he isn't clouded by the same myopia gripping the fanbase.


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