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Off nights are still great games for Rockets’ Harden

James Harden no longer has bad games. That is not just a statement on his 21-game pillage of the NBA, but a recognition that his recent performance is not really a streak or the result of unsustainable shooting but a change in how the game is played. There is some perfect formula out there, one […]

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James Harden and TPA: a match made in statistical heaven

Basketball statistics have had a boom as of late. It seems as if every year or two, there is a brand-new stat to “revolutionize” the way the sports community digests basketball. Additionally, different sources will harp on different statistics. uses winning percentage added (WPA), FiveThirtyEight uses Wins Above Replacement (WAR; a common baseball statistic retroactively […]

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On Tilman Fertitta’s acquisition of the Houston Rockets [Part 1]

In September 2017, Leslie Alexander sold the Houston Rockets to Tilman Fertitta for $2.2 billion. Les had owned the Rockets for 24 years, fortuitously purchasing them from Charlie Thomas for $85mm in 1993. Doing the quick math, Mr. Alexander was able to make a return of 25 times on his original investment at an annual […]

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