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On Clint Capela’s endurance

On Thursday, I wrote about Clint Capela’s prospects for improvement over at Forbes: And as I’ve said for years, his minutes per game need to increase for a player of his age with his impact. Extrapolated out to 36 minutes, Capela averaged 18.2 points, 14.2 rebounds, and 2.4 blocks per game. Now that he’s been […]

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Melo’s role on the Rockets

I think the plan for Melo is what they hoped Joe Johnson would've been last year. Melo certainly has more left in the tank. A Gordon Melo bench certainly has more firepower. He doesn't need to be able to defend starters… — Matt Perkins (@mwp401) July 23, 2018 I agree that while he’ll likely start, […]

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Should the Rockets be looking to trade?

A reader writes: I like this roster.  I like this team.  I would prefer we keep it as is unless some team puts a stud PG/PF on a fire sale and gives them away for, essentially, nothing.  There has been lots of concern over our depth (somewhat unwarranted)–what would we have left if we trade […]

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