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Houston Rockets 126, Golden State Warriors 121: Taking care of business

One of the defining characteristics of the Houston Rockets during the James Harden / Chris Paul era is how everyone, from the coaches to the players to front office, has avoided the histrionics of other NBA teams (I’m looking particularly at you, Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics), staying humble and emphasizing the importance of […]

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Houston Rockets 100, Utah Jazz 93: Finally Over

After watching the Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers take care of business, I certainly hoped that the Rockets could do the same thing in their Game 5. But the Utah Jazz are not the Nets or Magic, and I think this series (along with OKC’s utter failure) truly showed that they are the third best […]

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Utah Jazz 107, Houston Rockets 91: Human behavior

Through the first 3 games of this 1st round playoff matchup, the Rockets had seemed to have had the Jazz’s number. Utah, despite possessing the NBA’s second-best defensive rating during the regular season, adopted the Milwaukee Bucks’s method of guarding James Harden. This scheme of “shading Harden’s left”, thereby funneling him into the paint and […]

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