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The Rockets Daily – December 20, 2013

Get Omer It – The news that Omer Asik wouldn’t be traded after all, came as no surprise at all to Kevin McHale, who has basically been going about his business as if the trade was never going to happen. McHale’s take on the situation–as a coach and former GM–after Thursday’s practice was unique:

“I’ve never believed you can say, ‘Well, we’re going to trade this guy,’ and a trade magically appears. So yeah, I thought he was going to be here the whole time. His knee is bothering him. He’s seeing another doctor today, but I think we’re going to get over the hump on that, and then we’ll get him back in the rotation and playing.

McHale went on to talk about how he still believes Asik will be a key part of the team’s success, not just backing Howard up, but playing alongside him. If McHale still thinks the Howard-Asik pairing is going to work night-in and night-out, then I disagree with him. If he’s trying to get them to the point where they can work together to kick the stuffing out of mismatches here and there, then I support him 100 percent.

Sadness – Apparently, Asik isn’t the only one bummed about the trade talks being called off. According to Jake Fischer at Liberty Ballers, Thaddeus Young was champing at the bit to be traded to the Rockets:

When Tanner [Young’s agent] informed Young that the Rockets had called about the tweener forward, Young grew excited about the opportunity to leave the Sixers, though he’s loved his time here. The chance to play for a contender with legitimate championship aspirations is too enticing.

If only Asik were as jazzed up about playing for a contender as Young, then we wouldn’t have to worry about this whole soap opera to begin with. Normalcy – Remember when the Rockets had depth at every position? Remember back when they had a very good creator and an elite rim protector who could both come off the bench when Harden and Howard sat? It seems like so long ago now, but those halcyon days of early November may be coming back to us with Jeremy Lin  participating in practice and Omer Asik’s thigh improving.

Tweet That – It was an interesting day for pictures on Chandler Parsons’ Twitter account. First, he tweets a Happy Birthday to his coach, which is a very Chandler Parsons thing to do.

Then he tweets a picture of himself modeling blue jeans with a model perched on his lap, which is the most Chandler Parsons thing to do, ever.

Chandler Parsons doing Chandler Parsons things is just what makes Chandler Parsons Chandler Parsons, and we love him for it.

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About the author: John Eby got on the Rockets bandwagon in 1994 and never got off. He is a public relations guy and recovering TV journalist living in South Carolina.

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