The Rockets Daily – May 2, 2013

About Last Night – James Harden was the angry ex who works out, gets a new outfit, and flaunts it when she/he sees you again.


Also, Patrick Beverly was straight trolling the fans in OKC, and Derek Fisher still can’t guard Aaron Brooks.

Dwightwatch – Jemele Hill (ESPN) makes the definitive case for why Howard should come to Houston:

James Harden is a better player than anyone on the Lakers’ roster, with the exception of Bryant. Harden needs a legitimate partner to elevate the Rockets in the NBA hierarchy. Chandler Parsons is an emerging young player. Center Omer Asik justified the $25 million contract he received with career highs this season in points and rebounds.

And if you’re Howard, would you rather be coached by D’Antoni or Kevin McHale, one of best post players in NBA history? Under McHale, perhaps Howard’s offensive game could finally fully blossom.

Howard could win a title in Houston. He could build his own identity without worrying about always being compared to Magic, Kareem or Kobe.

Dwight Howard and his agent should print this article on the inside of their eyelids. And ESPN should check on financial transactions between Hill and Daryl Morey (not really) (maybe) (probably).

Tweet That – You know how Daryl Morey is really good at getting role players? Take it away Marc Stein…

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Ouch – The Basketball Jones looks into whether this has been the most injury-altered season ever,and compares it to previous seasons. If you want to go back and relive the injury-riddled T-Mac & Yao years, this article is for you.

Stache – Another one from TBJ for the nostalgia files: Shane Battier is regrowing his legendary mustache. That thing is like the Yeti of the NBA–fascinating, elusive, and potentially dangerous.

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