The Red94 Podcast: Episode 35

In today’s episode, Rahat responds to reader questions, looking at potential playoff seeding, the impact of Omer Asik’s return, and the Dwight/Harden relationship.

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  • rockets best fan says 4 months ago


    I'm not Lin bashing or focusing on him as much as I'm focused on the bench overall. Yes Lin has great games........he also has no show games. the same can be said for each one of our bench players. none can be relied on because all struggle with consistent play. I think this is the point Morey was making when he said earlier this year " we lack the third best player on a championship team". we have some players who could reach that level, but none have stepped up yet. even though we are on a winning streak our problems persist. every time we have both Harden and Howard out of the game our offense will start to struggle because we don't have a go to scorer unless Lin or one of the others I mentioned are having a good game. if you have been watching lately......most of our struggles begin in games as soon as we go heavily into our bench. I'm not trying to bash on McHale about lineups either. however our bench needs improvement. we have some nice pieces, but no impact players yet. we need Vinny "the microwave" Johnson :lol:

  • Buckko says 4 months ago I disagree greatly on Lin RBF, so far the only consistent ones on this team in this win streak is Dwight and Lin.
  • Rahat Huq says 4 months ago

    -We can make a thread for the mailbag as well.

    -I agree on the backup wing problem but that's going to be tough to address as well. true 3&D guys are usually starting already.

  • rockets best fan says 4 months ago

    I like the idea of mailbag questions, however we need more than the avenue of twitter to submit them please. enjoyed the thoughts. I too think having a re-engaged Asik is the best outcome for the Rockets, but I am doubtful about that being the outcome. I think the Rockets are showcasing Asik for trade and possibly D-Mo too. the timing of Asik's return is a little suspicious to me. I agree his impact for us can be huge, but if he's going to pout I would rather see the Rockets trade him to keep that negative vive away from the team. his message is clear to me......he doesn't want to be here. over the next 2 weeks he may get his wish.

    I also agree with you backup center is a need if Asik won't engage, however to me it pales in comparison to backup SG/SF. even though the Lin/Beverly combo works against weaker won't work against upper crust teams likeOKC or the Clippers. their wing players as a group are better than ours.I know our defense suffers with the second unit, but don't overlook the offensive problems.before he was injured we were getting almost nothing from Garcia and Casspi is to streaky. I am not comfortable with depending on Lin, Garcia, Casspi,Brooks or D-Mo to provide consistent scoring.we need some offensive punch coming off the pine. if we could score some points with the second unit we could offset some of the defensive falloff, but we are so weak offensively in the second unit it makes our defense stick out like a sore thumb. we can not continue to play Harden and Parsons 40 minutes a game...........that's asking for trouble. Lin at SG is fool's gold IMO. he is to inconsistent in his aggressiveness from game to game to be depended on. we need an upgrade within our wing players.

    true backup center is a problem, but it wouldn't hurt nearly as bad if our bench scored more. it's not like most teams have a dominant backup center, however most teams do have a player they depend on to come in the game for instant offense..................there's more than one way to cover a flaw