The Red94 Podcast: Episode 17

In this week’s episode of the Red94 podcast, I go into detail about the recent Dwight Howard rumors. The veracity, feasibility and impact of his theoretical move to Houston are mulled over, including whether Houston should keep Asik, what this means for the team’s salary and what this mean’s for Dwight’s career.

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Grading Francisco Garcia

He might have started his Rockets season as an afterthought in a trade, but Francisco Garcia ended the season as something of a hero. His prudent shooting and capable defense were surprise boons to a team struggling to stay in the playoffs. His experience and composure proved to be invaluable in the postseason most never expected Houston to earn. He may not even be on the roster next season, but Garcia proved his value to the Rockets. Read More »

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Grading Patrick Beverley

Not many people knew who Patrick Beverley was before he collided with Russell Westbrook’s knee while attempting to steal the ball during Game 2 of the first round. It made him the center of attention and forced him beneath the brightest spotlight of his life. He was a role player who took out a star.

But, of course, Beverley is much more than that moment. His story began long before and will carry on long after. Here’s a quick recap of how his relationship with the Houston Rockets began, and where it currently stands. Read More »

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On the NBA: Statistical Responsibility

Q: When can we expect Moneyball 2: Moreyball?

A: this would be a terrible movie. that said, we did have a 22 game winning streak and apparently a long winning streak is all you need for a movie. 

- Daryl Morey, during a Reddit AMA chat.

Coverage of the NBA in the modern age is dominated by statistics. Where the dominating monolith of the box score once stood, now there are a myriad of useful and interesting methods for analyzing basketball, in scopes from the play of an individual player in a specific play type to the historical strategic choices of the league as a whole across time. This is a tremendous boon to anyone who wants to talk about the game: come up with an argument, and you can go away and find the numbers that prove or disprove it. But it’s not all good news. 47% of statistics are made up. Lies, damn lies and statistics! You know the clichés. The more information there is, the more it can be twisted to greater accentuate your argument or to be downright misleading.  There is an excellent example doing the rounds at the moment, and it has been driving me nuts to the extent that I felt like writing a blog post about it: The Heat are 45-3 in their last 48. How can we expect them to lose four in a row to anybody?  Read More »

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Grading Carlos Delfino

Carlos Delfino joined the 2012-2013 Houston Rockets as the quintessential Morey acquisition. Daryl Morey, general manager and analytics hero, loves to find overlooked bargain, mis-estimated players, and market inequalities. Morey saw Delfino, appraised his worth, then signed him to team-friendly contract. How did that work out? Delfino was a useful player for the Rockets, was worth his contract, and is likely to be let go for the long-term good of the team. Just as expected. Read More »

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