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Losthief (02 October 2015 - 02:24 AM) tks jg
thejohnnygold (29 September 2015 - 05:16 AM) FYI, it was media day today. Interviews are up at NBA.com
slick shoes (23 September 2015 - 06:37 PM) kind of late in the day but NBATV is broadcasting classis Rockets games all day today.
SadLakerFan (16 September 2015 - 04:37 AM) Man, as a Laker fan, I'm learning how little you care about the off season when your team sucks. Anyway, a quick moment to remember Moses. Still remember watching the 81 team as a kid - losing record, NBA Finals. I would have cried w/joy if they could have beaten the Celtics.
jorgeaam (15 September 2015 - 08:30 PM) http://bleacherrepor...ist-after-crash
jorgeaam (15 September 2015 - 08:30 PM) So to celebrate his new contract, Montrezl Harrell saved someone's life on monday
thejohnnygold (14 September 2015 - 04:36 PM) A good article from Blinebury talking about when Hakeem and Moses used to play in the park. LINK
rockets best... (14 September 2015 - 02:29 AM) I agree totally. I got to watch his Rocket days and the man was a hell of a player. BIG MO R.I.P.
Mario Peña (13 September 2015 - 05:24 PM) Sad to see Moses pass. I don't remember watching him as a Rocket but I do remember his Philly and Hawks teams. He was the perfect man to mentor Dream. It's a very sad day for his family and friends and there are many.
majik19 (12 September 2015 - 09:01 PM) i just saw a post wishing Yao Ming a happy 35th birthday... am I the only one whose mind is blown that he's only 35?
cointurtlemoose (08 September 2015 - 01:17 AM) aaaah, thanks jorge
jorgeaam (08 September 2015 - 12:21 AM) Love it how Hinkie and Morey always target the same players, but hoping he isn't another Covington
thejohnnygold (08 September 2015 - 12:03 AM) Christian Wood has signed with Philly
jorgeaam (07 September 2015 - 10:32 PM) If I'm not wrong, he hasn't been waived yet, they have until october 4th to do that
cointurtlemoose (07 September 2015 - 05:39 PM) Anyone else surprised that Kostas hasn't gotten picked up by anyone yet? I wanna see that guy play somewhere
redfaithful (05 September 2015 - 10:48 PM) Llull line from today loss to Serbia: 30MIN 1-10PG, 0-5 3PG, 4-4FT 6AST, 1TO, 4REB, +/- -11
Losthief (03 September 2015 - 02:27 AM) this dude's gun fired and all he got a misdemeanor at bush lol: http://abc13.com/new...ush-iah/815795/
Losthief (03 September 2015 - 02:26 AM) theres more articles all over, but the jist is houston (and texas) doesn't really arrest for it, they just recommend you leave it in your car when they catch it. So seems dwight got lucky he was in texas and not cali or the NE.
Losthief (03 September 2015 - 02:22 AM) honestly we should just be glad they caught it...
Losthief (03 September 2015 - 02:21 AM) response: http://nymag.com/dai...n_airplane.html


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Guest (17 July 2015 - 04:07 PM) That SI article read like a complete spin job by the Nuggets to try to make it seem like there is interest in him. I'm positive that he is on a few team's radars, but he has pretty much destroyed his value. It all depends on when the Nuggets finally decide to just give him up for scraps, or roll with him on the team. IMO they will not receive a "good" offer at this point, unless it comes from a team with poor management i.e. Sacramento.
Guest (16 July 2015 - 10:15 PM) Bye bye Mr Smith. I will miss you half of the time, and be completely filled with joy the other half. One of the most Jekyll and Hyde players I have ever witnessed play.
Guest (03 July 2015 - 10:11 PM) 3 yrs/$24 Million for Brewer. Considering some of the contracts players have received this off-season, I like it.
Guest (03 July 2015 - 09:45 PM) So Collison is reportedly not happy with the Kings meeting with FA PGs. That could be a good plan B if we don't get Aldridge. I know it has been discussed previously, but this is the first time I've seen it reported that Collison actually might be available.
Guest (03 July 2015 - 09:41 PM) No way they trade Paul. They can still be a good team, and might be able to pick up Koufus or someone similar that will still make them competitive in the West. Championship team? Probably not, but Paul isn't going anywhere.
Guest (03 July 2015 - 02:21 PM) So if Ariza was a FA this year, he could easily get a $12-14 million per year contract right? I mean I know the cap is jumping soon, but this has been nuts!
Guest (01 July 2015 - 09:21 PM) last year* not next year
Guest (01 July 2015 - 09:21 PM) Darn Darn Darn. I didn't have huge hopes for him, but he has to be an upgrade over what we finished with next year. Oh well just have to make the best of it.
Guest (01 July 2015 - 05:41 PM) Is it possible that our division next year will be even BETTER than it was last season?! Depending on what the Mavs do, it could very well be.
Guest (26 June 2015 - 03:11 AM) Nevermind. Should have known we were getting another 6-8 PF. I do like his tenacity. Versatility is definitely the theme here.
Guest (26 June 2015 - 03:02 AM) Jo young reminds me of an Isaiah Canaan type of player with a tad bit more height. Would it be a reach at 32?
Guest (24 June 2015 - 10:15 PM) Yea I would be shocked if he plays as a Rocket again. I really like him, but his contract is pretty much going to have to be dealt in any trade we make.
Guest (24 June 2015 - 08:37 PM) Probably the best Rockets game I have witnessed, or at least remember witnessing. I was 5 when the Rockets won their second championship, so I unfortunately don't have all the great memories of those Dream days.
Guest (10 June 2015 - 09:29 PM) They certainly stumbled onto an elite defensive lineup. They don't have Love or Irving's scoring ability, but they are all great defenders. Honestly they might have stumbled upon the secret to beating GS all along. You aren't going to outgun them, but if you can slow it down and muck it up just enough, you have a shot. I think w/ Love and Irving the Cavs could very well be in a worse spot than they are now.
Guest (22 May 2015 - 02:45 PM) Agreed Majik. It's hindsight and everything happened so quick, but that would have been huge. I also feel Harden takes that first stepback if Barnes didn't do that fly by from behind. Just an unfortunate ending to a great game. We'll get them back in Houston.
Guest (20 May 2015 - 06:46 PM) He does that shoot and flail action all the time. The craziest thing is, he makes like 90% of them. I'm convinced he is better at those than he is on balanced straight up and down jumpers.
Guest (15 May 2015 - 09:01 PM) DenverRocket, I believe the Rockets will play at 2:30 if the Warriors closeout, and 7 if they don't.
Guest (25 April 2015 - 03:06 PM) Carlisle is really getting desperate with his complaints. On the other hand, it's nice to be called a physical team again!
Guest (08 April 2015 - 09:51 PM) Very true. Good points.
Guest (08 April 2015 - 09:33 PM) I like Black more as a prospect, but I don't think they are very different in terms of skill at this point in time. Dorsey actually hasn't been bad recently in very limited playing time.
Guest (08 April 2015 - 07:57 PM) Welp Feigen just confirmed... out for season AND playoffs. I need a few drinks.
Guest (08 April 2015 - 07:42 PM) Sam Amick just tweeted that DMo is out for the rest of the season. I really hope it is just a precautionary/rest thing, but it would've been nice to get some reps as a full-ish team before the playoffs.
Guest (08 April 2015 - 04:53 PM) Same thing with Chauncey Billups when the Pistons were 64-18 while he averaged 19 & 9. We shall see what the voters decide is more impressive. 65-66 wins with a really good healthy team, or the ability to keep a team afloat with tons of injuries. I think it will be Curry, but am fine with being pleasantly surprised!
Guest (03 April 2015 - 06:54 PM) I can't stand Strauss, but he may be correct that it has already been sealed. It's a shame that Harden won't win it in a year he has done everything he possibly could to get the award. Oh well, a Finals MVP will work just fine ;)
Guest (26 March 2015 - 07:13 PM) I was pretty surprised they had Stotts at 7 as well. He has done a good job with Portland, but health (last year, not so much this season) and talent have put him in a position to succeed.
Guest (26 March 2015 - 06:31 PM) You think they are correct with that assessment YaoMan? I was actually a little surprised they had Casey and Stevens ahead of him. This year McHale has shown a lot more adaptability than people thought he had in him.
Guest (25 March 2015 - 02:46 PM) Man Bev was built for the playoffs with his high intensity style of play. I think it is a bigger loss in the PO than the rest of the regular season. I expect Terry and Prigs will fill in nicely for these next 12 games, but I'm pretty terrified of starting the playoffs with them manning the position.
Guest (20 March 2015 - 11:01 PM) This has been a pretty tough year injury-wise for the Rockets as a whole. It's pretty incredible the spot the team is in, considering all factors.
Guest (20 March 2015 - 06:46 PM) Feigen just tweeted that Jones has Pneumothorax, or a partially collapsed lung. He is going to be reevaluated next week. McHale did say the rib was not cracked, so there is that I guess.
Guest (05 March 2015 - 06:34 PM) Anybody else think it's funny that Harden gets all this flak for "baiting" officials, yet Westbrook only averages 0.3 less FTA per game and you never hear one word about it? Is it because Westbrook is typically making "wow" plays when he doesn't get fouled? Even if he goes to the line 20 times (like last night), he still has a play or two that just make your jaw drop.
Guest (05 March 2015 - 06:28 PM) I feel like he's definitely gaining the most publicity at the moment. It just depends on what voters care about. Their record won't be great, and his fg percentages are pretty atrocious, so it depends on how much weight they put into that.
Guest (19 February 2015 - 09:32 PM) @jorgeraam that's nice to hear. I've only watched him when we have played them. He seems like a hell of an athlete, and a plus defender.
Guest (19 February 2015 - 09:28 PM) I am wondering if Prigioni is going to surprise us a la Terry. Maybe he still has a little left in the tank, and can handle that "creator" role. I don't watch enough Knicks games to know, but he seems Terry-esque with better PG skills.
Guest (19 February 2015 - 08:58 PM) Swapped bench players for bench players. Although I am intrigued by KJ and his RFA status this year.
Guest (19 February 2015 - 08:34 PM) I don't understand these moves. We accomplished nothing in terms of need. Am I not seeing something?
Guest (06 February 2015 - 09:59 PM) Yea it is very low risk/high reward. Oh how sweet it would be to see the beard take down Klay and Steph at their own game.
Guest (20 December 2014 - 05:10 PM) I disagree Cooper. He is a fairly good handler and passer, so I could see him cutting into Canaan's minutes with the second unit.
Guest (18 December 2014 - 11:50 PM) Rondo to Dallas. Time will tell if it's the right move for the Mavs, but I am happy the Rockets did not trade for him. Wish he would've gone somewhere in the East though.
Guest (04 December 2014 - 04:33 PM) I know Capela looked comically bad at times last night, but man he has all the physical tools to be a dominant defender. I could not believe how effortlessly he would land and jump back above the rim in about a half second. He also seems to have great quickness for a guy that size. I'm extremely excited about his potential.
Guest (05 November 2014 - 04:12 PM) Papa is quickly becoming my favorite Rockets player. He might be the best passer on the team outside of Harden, and his awareness is just off the charts for a first year NBA player.
Guest (22 October 2014 - 07:05 PM) Reading the responses to the NBA GM votes, the SG position is the weakest it has been in 30 years. Harden is the worst "best SG in the league" ever. Blah, blah, blah, defense...
Guest (10 October 2014 - 10:40 PM) I am starting to get very excited about our bench. I know it is preseason, but the toughness and grit is inspiring.
Guest (19 September 2014 - 10:29 PM) Did anybody else see that Minny offered Bledsoe a max? I believe they are over the cap, so it would have to be a S&T. I wonder who the Wolves feel they can deal to get Bledsoe.
Guest (20 August 2014 - 10:13 PM) Bledsoe scares me because of the injuries... that being said it is still probably the right move.
Guest (13 August 2014 - 02:15 PM) We were able to survive while Asik missed those 34 games last season. We did that without Dorsey on the roster. We aren't necessarily relying on Dorsey, but if he can contribute that is a huge plus.
Guest (08 August 2014 - 10:58 PM) Yes! Apparently we were very close to signing Villanueva, and backed out for an undisclosed reason. I wonder if it is because we knew we were bringing Papanikoloau over?
Guest (31 July 2014 - 07:02 PM) If you all haven't watched the video of PG, KD, and Harden taking turns going one on one... Check it out. It is definitely entertaining and shows Harden at least taking pride in stopping KD.
Guest (24 July 2014 - 03:51 PM) I like it as well YaoMan. You can't ever have enough long and athletic big men. It will be nice to see how he develops.
Guest (15 July 2014 - 05:27 PM) I really like Jeff Adrien.
Guest (15 July 2014 - 04:34 PM) Scratch that... 6'8
Guest (15 July 2014 - 04:33 PM) haha I am for real. He was on our team back in 09 or so. Didn't really play much. He was with Toronto for a while and then went to Fc barcelona. He is a 6'9 pf/center. Morey loves those guys for some reason.
Guest (15 July 2014 - 04:12 PM) So we added Joey Dorsey on a 2 year contract... not really sure how I feel about that.
Guest (12 July 2014 - 10:43 PM) That motorboating was hilarious! Maybe we can be an above average defensive team with Ariza starting at SF.
Guest (12 July 2014 - 09:40 PM) Yea I don't know which way we go. Do you really want $23 mil per yr in two SFs?
Guest (12 July 2014 - 09:32 PM) At least it is cheaper than I thought, but I didn't really want him on a 4 year contract.
Guest (12 July 2014 - 09:29 PM) Agreed to a 4 year $32mil contract with Ariza according to Amick
Guest (11 July 2014 - 09:43 PM) Wow! Well we are now on plan J...
Guest (11 July 2014 - 09:10 PM) Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA
Miami is fighting to keep Chris Bosh, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. He will decide between Heat and Rockets today.
Guest (11 July 2014 - 09:05 PM) Yea I guess it just depends on what he values more. The longer contract/more money, or the prospect of winning another ring.
Guest (11 July 2014 - 08:59 PM) So Bosh is supposed to decide between Miami and Houston today... Is he really debating going back?
Guest (11 July 2014 - 04:49 PM) Pelicans are considering waiving Rivers so the Asik deal can go through.
Guest (11 July 2014 - 04:35 PM) Haha Agreed YaoMan!!!
Guest (10 July 2014 - 02:16 PM) Me too YaoMan. I'm really hoping some good news comes out today.
Guest (09 July 2014 - 10:41 PM) Thanks. I guess I just optimistically imagined that someone had said that.
Guest (09 July 2014 - 10:15 PM) Is James supposed to make a decision after the meeting with Riley? Or is there still no timetable?
Guest (09 July 2014 - 04:30 PM) It is starting to look likely, but I don't want to get my hopes up yet!
Guest (08 July 2014 - 06:59 PM) Unless he wants max money more... I just wish someone would do something, so the ball can get rolling.
Guest (05 July 2014 - 08:25 PM) Nick Johnson just showed off his athleticism with a nasty left handed jam.
Guest (03 July 2014 - 04:55 PM) Does whining work better?
Guest (18 June 2014 - 07:40 PM) Great article JG. I have been extremely impressed with the way Dwight has handled himself since coming to Houston. I can't wait for next season! Is it October yet?
Guest (23 May 2014 - 07:26 PM) If Daniels is as good a shooter as he looked in that Portland series, he can be that guy.
Guest (21 May 2014 - 01:31 AM) It has got to be rigged right?
Guest (20 February 2014 - 07:04 PM) I love it. A long wing that can play defense and shoot the 3. He is also young, and should have lots of room to improve. Sad to see Brooks go though. Hopefully he will get some legit minutes in Denver.