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@  redfaithful : (05 September 2015 - 10:48 PM) Llull line from today loss to Serbia: 30MIN 1-10PG, 0-5 3PG, 4-4FT 6AST, 1TO, 4REB, +/- -11
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 02:27 AM) this dude's gun fired and all he got a misdemeanor at bush lol: http://abc13.com/new...ush-iah/815795/
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 02:26 AM) theres more articles all over, but the jist is houston (and texas) doesn't really arrest for it, they just recommend you leave it in your car when they catch it. So seems dwight got lucky he was in texas and not cali or the NE.
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 02:22 AM) honestly we should just be glad they caught it...
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 02:21 AM) response: http://nymag.com/dai...n_airplane.html
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 01:42 AM) one bullet left in the chamber is diff than fully loaded and ready to go. Still stupid...but not like he was prepared for a shooting spree.
@  jorgeaam : (02 September 2015 - 09:33 PM) http://www.tmz.com/2...t-get-arrested/
@  jorgeaam : (02 September 2015 - 09:33 PM) So according to TMZ (I know, I know) Dwight Howard had an incident last month in which he took a loaded gun into an airport, but he was allowed to give it to a friend to take it back and wasn't arrested.
@  jorgeaam : (31 August 2015 - 10:45 PM) The Los Angeles Rockets, lol
@  redfaithful : (31 August 2015 - 09:51 PM) Seems that Chuck is also on his way to the Clippers.
@  slick shoes : (24 August 2015 - 06:14 PM) ill just leave this here...
@  slick shoes : (24 August 2015 - 06:14 PM) http://www.timeandda...04&font=cursive
@  timetodienow... : (21 August 2015 - 07:20 PM) At least in my opinion.
@  timetodienow... : (21 August 2015 - 07:20 PM) I love having Terry. But the main factor was that New Orleans will NOT compete for a championship this year and the Rockets will.
@  jorgeaam : (21 August 2015 - 03:57 AM) Things that make me like the JET even more
@  jorgeaam : (21 August 2015 - 03:57 AM) Jason Terry said that he turned down a more lucrative deal from New Orleans in order to return to Houston.
@  clydesmoustache : (19 August 2015 - 08:32 AM) A year ago who would have thought I would be so happy to have Jason Terry on my team. Welcome back JET! Hurry up October!
@  cointurtlemoose : (19 August 2015 - 04:45 AM) Terry I love yooouuuuuuuuu
@  jorgeaam : (19 August 2015 - 02:38 AM) Yay Terry is back!
@  majik19 : (15 August 2015 - 09:33 PM) and i thought these shouts were limited to some number of characters!


Houston Rockets offseason check-in

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#61 slick shoes

slick shoes

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Posted 24 July 2015 - 02:23 PM

I agree but he wouldn't be able to go into "chill mode" or "GM mode" or any other mode except BEAST mode! The west does not allow rest!


One of my main knocks on LeBron is his path to the finals has essentially been given to him for the past 4 or 5 seasons. Granted, they had to win the appropriate amount of games to make the playoffs, but as the 'stache mentioned above, he can basically sleepwalk through the season and then wake up once the playoffs start and become "the king". GREAT, great player, don't get me wrong. I just want to see what everyone would have to say about him if he had been drafted by/playing for say.... the T-Wolves, Nuggets, or Jazz. They would be relevant, but he would be carrying the team on his back every game and look a little like #13 in the playoffs.




Too soon? :lol:

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Posted 27 July 2015 - 12:41 AM

The cavs would be in the top 4 out west and have a real good chance of beating whoever makes it to the finals Lebron is too good for them not to be.

I disagree. I think the top 4 teams in the west are better than anything in the east. while Lebron and co. did win a couple of games in the finals they basically had a cake walk to the finals compared to any team playing within the west. they were not really tested IMO. if they played in the west on a full time basis I don't think they would have a top four record. Yes they have talent and good talent at that, but playing the west teams 3 and 4 times a year instead of twice would take a toll on their record. fact is the western conference is brutal right now. it's been awhile IMO since we have had years in which 4 or 5 teams can boast legitimate aspirations at winning the championship. Yes Cleveland is within those teams probably in the #5 spot IMO. however when I look at the west I see domination for years to come. GSW, Houston, San Antonio, OKC, Memphis, Clippers, and a rising NO team. I don't see easy playoff matchups for anyone except the top seed. the western playoffs is about matchups. facing the right combination of teams can spell championship for 4-5 teams in the conference. IMO that's just how close the race is. injuries will play a huge part. GSW were lucky last year, but can be derailed by injuries as easily as any of the others. this is what makes this upcoming year super exciting to me. the championship is up for grabs and we have a legitimate shot at it 

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