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ESPN: Best, worst coaching hires

via NBA — Best, worst coaching hires – ESPN: There were rumblings of a disconnect between Adelman and the Rockets’ front office with the former having been not so receptive to analytical data nor enthusiastic about the call for a youth movement. In McHale, Daryl Morey gets a man open to his ideas but who carries [...]

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Cuttino Mobley hopeful of return to NBA

via Fox26: Former NBA guard Cuttino Mobley, who retired in 2008 because of a heart ailment, would like another shot at playing in the NBA. Mobley played for 11 years with four NBA teams, but was forced to leave the game after he was traded by the L.A. Clippers to the New York Knicks. After [...]

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What might have been – Part 1

We talk a lot about the Yao-McGrady Rockets and what might have been.  It’s been beaten to death.  But what we forget is how much potential the first version of the ‘Yao Rockets’ had.  I am here to remind you of that and push you closer to jumping off that ledge. Let’s start with Francis. [...]

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From the Ninetyfourums: Yao or Amare?

This was interesting.  In response to my latest Yao feature, a reader, KingJosh, wrote: Rahat do you really think Stoudemire was the correct choice over yao? Even today I would still have taken yao 9 times out of ten, even with the power of hindsight. Amare has a current career average of 22/9, 4 pts [...]

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Yao Ming and memory

The Large Man, the Great Wall, Big Guy, the Big Fella, His Hugeness, the Ming Train, Yaodre the Giant – all nicknames we will no longer utter in Houston or elsewhere for any purpose other than memory. An odd thing about this particular universe, its relationship of space and time, is that we all collect [...]

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