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For those of you just getting into work, Dwight Howard apparently has shifted course once more, telling RealGM in an exclusive interview that he plans to opt-in.  This has just been beyond bizarre and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the story take yet another turn in the next ten hours.  But for now, Howard is staying with the Magic and the Rockets will turn to their other options.  As the saga develops, the whole situation reeks to me of a man conflicted by emotions of greed and loyalty with matters made more complicated by other parties within the inner ranks.  I also don’t think Dwight fully understood the financial/legal ramifications of various potential routes of action.

Jonathan Feigen’s latest this morning is filled with various nuggets of information, chiefly that the Rockets are certain to make a deal.

Among the highlights:

The Magic, however, had not shown much interest in the Rockets’ roster. The Rockets have been among the most aggressive teams in trying to work a deal, but the Magic have generally looked the other way.

The Rockets have insisted they would not move Lowry even in a deal for Pau Gasol, their preseason target. One front office executive said he believed the Rockets would make that deal, arguing that they had to hold out something to offer at the last minute and Lowry is the only way to up the ante.

With Martin’s contract expiring next season, the Rockets believe they would be best served to get him going again, at least to some degree, and they have handled negotiations that way for weeks.

There was expected to be more talk about Lee and Martin today than anyone on the roster, with much of that heating up on Tuesday. The Bulls and Clippers have sought a shooting guard. Rick Adelman’s Timberwolves would love Martin, but will likely wait for him to become a free agent.

The Rockets still want to upgrade inside and went hard after Andrew Bogut, but their inability to close that deal might show an unwillingness to move Martin, and maybe Lee.

Goran Dragic seemed the most likely player to be moved in a deal like last season’s.

Finally, via Adrian Wojnarowski, with the news on Howard, the Nets now have turned to efforts to surround Deron Williams with talent.

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  • BADeGeare

    Should we expect any trades today from the rockets?.. and who is likely to be involved?

  • Alituro

    Interesting interview from RealGM. Speaks volumes about Howard wanting to take the high road. LeBron set the stage for such a scenario and thus became a demon to everyone not living in or near Miami.. I like that Howard doesn’t want to be “that guy”, but don’t like that we are likely to not obtain him.

  • Frogs07

    With Dwight unavailable, it looks doubtful to me that the Rockets will pull off a “blockbuster trade” today. There are “stars” they could pursue like Josh Smith, Andre Iguodala, etc. but that won’t successfully address the root of our problem. Our team is abused in the low post every night. We’re an average rebounding squad, at best. And we lack the ability to protect the rim. Until we can plug a defensive presence in the middle will never contend for the top playoff spots.
    This off season offers many intriguing free agent names (Hibbert, Bynum, McGee, Asik, Lopez) but the overwhelming majority of them are either RESTRICTED or have TEAM OPTIONS.
    As Rahat as mentioned repeatedly, it’s really time to recognize that any traction towards improvement will ultimately come from the draft. Given how talented this upcoming class is, I feel like a more realistic game plan would be to trade as many of our players as possible to accumulate multiple draft picks up and down the board. A combination of any contributor (Lowry, Martin, Lee, Patterson) or asset (Knicks pick, Sergio Llull, Motie) should be used as ammunition for this effort. The goal would then be to package the picks and move up the board and secure a formadible low post player(s).
    There is a far greater liklihood of filling open G/F roster spots with veterans than the C/PF positions (given their endangered status today). Looking at the market, it’s much more realistic for teams to fill their frontcourt needs via draft.
    But, ever the optimist, lets hope Morey can pull some wizardy off this afternoon, and surprise the city.

  • Stephen

    Rockets just traded for Marcus Camby,a defensive C.

  • StephenJCyrier

    –Morey Aces Sports Bloggers With Mini Deal—
    Houston GM Daryl Morey perfectly concealed his intentions by misdirecting the Rockets area sports media into believing the target of the trade deadline was the Magic’s Dwight Howard. Morey even baffled the pundits as to which coast he was even looking as a trade target. What Morey did reveal was a guard, a center and draft pick(s) would be moved for another BIG who even might be a “rental’ for the strike shortened 2011-2012 season.
    All concerned immediatly Ass u &  me  (d) Morey was talking Dwight Howard for Lowery Dahlembert and the Knicks first plus Morey’s wife. However the crafty one was talkin’ the left coast, Flynn,Thabeet a 2nd  for Camby. Questions now arise as to the who the real “Nene /Gausol” PF type will be  to match up with the 38 year old “rental” Camby.
    Rockets fans should be cautioned to not get all invested in this trade. When asked, Camby stated he may opt out in 2012-2013  (as in retire).  But then again maybe not……;.Stay Tuned.

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