Where things stand with the Houston Rockets on the eve of free agency

If you aren’t following me already on Twitter, why not?  Everything here will have already been said on there, but in short and sweet bursts of 140-character goodness, and in real-time, as the thoughts arrive into my head.  I don’t even know why I’m writing this now except that we are closing in on the biggest time window in the NBA season, and the Houston Rockets have a bag of $46 million to hand over to someone, and it doesn’t quite seem clear if anyone is willing to take it.

We learned this afternoon that they have secured a meeting tomorrow with forward Al Horford, and just moments ago that they might not yet be completely out of the picture on guard Mike Conley.  Stepping back, examining the ensuing celebration, (of which I was a large part of), its saddening that victory this year represents just even getting a face to face.  Oh Houston, how low we have fallen.

I tossed around the conspiracy theory of all conspiracy theories this afternoon: that Durant isn’t meeting with the Rockets because his “hangouts” with Harden were the team’s meeting.  Durant told Harden if the team could secure Horford, he’d give them a shot.  And thus, you see the team meeting with Horford on the first day, without Houston on Durant’s list.  Seriously though, it just seems so odd that the Rockets couldn’t even get a meeting, when the likes of the Boston Celtics are getting a sit-down.  I never expected Houston to pull it out, but to not even get a meeting – I must be in denial over just how far we’ve fallen.

And to that end, what a bitter pill to swallow for Morey, after what seemed like years of planning leading up to this moment.  It’s one thing to strike out.  We’ve been there, and done that.  But to not even get a meeting.

If they could reel in just Horford alone, that puts you at 50 wins, easily.  I’ve seen suggestions from fans in certain Rockets-based corners of the web insinuating that Horford’s production does not merit a max contract.  I have to seriously question these people’s knowledge of basketball.  With his smarts, and ability to shoot, pass, defend, and shoot free throws, Al Horford is the ideal NBA big.  I smile at the thought of fitting him in next to Clint Capela and Donatas Motiejunas on the frontline.  Houston would still be a far cry from contender status, but that is just a reflection of just how little else is on the roster, at current moment.

Maybe we should just bring back Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin, and find a way to trade for Omer Asik into our cap space?  Maybe free up some more room to bring back Courtney Lee too?  How is life in Canada, Patrick Patterson?  Houston is really at a crossroads, and its depressing to envision the ramifications if they completely strike out this summer.  And unfortunately, just based on the odds, there’s a strong likelihood the team strikes out.  One of the tragic ironies is that in the perpetual pursuit of flexibility, Houston has eschewed on opportunities to build an infrastructure and establish longevity.  The one summer they actually ran the whole thing back, last summer, was the year that irreparably damaged the franchise maybe for the foreseeable future.

One thing is clear: I don’t want Dwight Howard back.  I will forever appreciate his service to our city, and the faith he showed in choosing us when everyone else just saw us as a bayou backwater of boot-wearing, horse-riding cowboys who just coincidentally happened to enjoy no state income tax and a thriving economy relatively insulated from the nation at large.  But he’s just not the right fit anymore.  I feel even more firm in that belief after seeing Tristan Thompson scrambling around the perimeter in the Finals.  Capela is the man.  At least until Zhou Qui is ready to take over the NBA.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of www.Red94.net.

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  • Judson Merritt

    Horford alone doesn’t push us into contender status, but no single move does. BUT if we could land a top 4 seed in 2017, when durant hits FA again…..

  • Jatman20

    Now I see the big picture of the Ibaka trade. Ibaka exits, Horford enters.
    Westbrook/Oladipo/Durant/Horford/Adams=top team in the West. ESPN
    also claims Horford wants to sign with Miami….attempting to convince
    Durant to do the same. ESPN projects Bazemore getting $15-$20 mil.
    Crazy money. Rockers will be happy to get one Max and some fillers
    like C. Lee, Mozgov, Barbosa. Rockets must have faith in D-Mo’s medical reports.

  • Jah

    Rahat Huq,

    F**k You, dude! You are part of the problem of those that dishonesty slam the Rockets organization in the media. It’s an ochestrated attack on the Rockets, and Writers like you and others , are apart of this coalition-force the kowtow to the LA affiliated Media and the East coast Media to stop big-name free agency from considering the Rockets. You know what you do, a**hole!!

    You are no different than Calvin Watkins who’s always putting out negative news on the Rockets while pretending to be diehard Rox fans. I could SPIT in your face, you SNAKE!

    You’re a fake-a** Rockets fan, and you KNOW IT!

    Just look at this b.s. article you put out. It’s totally NEGATIVE and anti-Rockets! What Rocket-based Writer type up s*** like this? Jonathn Feigen is the Rockets beat-Writer and I never seen him write hit-pieces like this and pretend to be for the better good of the Rockets Organization. This is what Leslie Alexander was talking about where there are Writers within our own rank putting put articles like this to hurt the Rockets’ reputation. You know who you are!

    Somebody need to BREAK your damn legs and cut off all 10 of your filthy fingers so you can’t do this line of work no more, you Judas Iscariot, B***H! You have no integrity, no professionalism. You just a plant for Rockets basketball and slant your articles on the Rockets in a negative tilt.

    You could have wrote on the possibility of Horford joining the Rockets which can give a glimmer of hope for Durant taking a look at us. Though you mentioned that, it was just a backhand comment and slighted the Rockets chances of signing him.

    You been EXPOSED, Sucker. And with your name, go back to your native country, B***H!! I’m tired of you 3rd world parasites living in my country!!

  • Jah


    Shut your trap!

  • redninetyfour

    Yep. I think the goal is to regain credibility before next year.

  • Jatman20

    Get your information straight. Lee, Barbosa, and Augustin are AA men. I have no problem with Batum or Bazemore or any AA man joining the Rockets. It’s a matter of money you dim-wit. Easy to see your basketball I. Q. Zero to nothing. The Rockets have only so much money to spend and can’t afford the top FA at every position. Mozgov is a hot commodity with 5 teams wanting him…..including the Warriors and Cavs. Are they racist.
    I’m fine with Ian Mahinimi joining the Rockets if the price fits.
    I won’t acknowledge you again fool. You are not worth the time or worthy of my attention. Yes, Feigen does a good job….but I doubt he would care to have YOU as a follower!!

  • redninetyfour

    Trump 2016

  • Judson Merritt

    ummmmmm……you need therapy, dude

  • Jatman20

    Rockets said to be offering Bazemore $19 to $20 mil. That would be our max contract unless we can clear cap space. The fillers out of FA that I was talking about may be $10 mil per player. Earlier Balmony Jones was saying on ESPN radio that Delavadova is probably looking at a $10 million dollar contract. He made just over a mil this year. Mozgov is out.
    Lakers giving him too much.

  • Elroy

    If Morey Strikes out, I would not be surprised if he will trade harden before the deadline next season. I mean, how can you convince harden to re-up if the pieces around him are not enough to win it all. He will be UFA in 2018.

  • D Boley

    Wow. Change your diaper man. I’m guessing you’d like to build a wall around your mothers basement to keep rahat out?

  • thebigb0ss

    there is no point having a decent debate or conversation with this guy “jah”. He just gets angry and ignores his mistakes and continues to spew out ignorance.

  • thebigb0ss

    You are seriously ill bro…..

  • thebigb0ss

    Here is the problem with the Houston Rockets (someone who saw 2 full seasons of game play from 2012-13 & 2013-14. Its James Harden and the offense that surrounds him. Getting rid of mchale was the step in the right direction and hopefully Mike D’antoni will fix things. But it will be a good year until legitimate free agents sign with Houston (with the exception of ryan anderson).

    The problem right now, unless Mike D’antoni changes things is James Harden’s game play. When a player shoots as many shots, turns the ball over as many times and is not a solid leader on the floor, it discourages players and it hurts the players around them statistically.

    Harden’s offense has diminished the offensive #s of Jeremy Lin, Ty lawson and Dwight howard (how does a player shooting 62% get less then 10 shots a game?).

    As long as this team surrounds itself with a player who only plays one side of the court and displays low basketball IQ (poor shot selections, passing, and lack of court awareness on defense), big named players or even up and coming players wont even consider houston.

  • Jatman20

    I believe you are right. I didn’t want Rahat to respond nor should he get in spats with readers. It’s a shame people need to come to a forum and curse up a storm like that.
    Some children might stumble across such none sense accidentally. At the same time I didn’t want new individuals
    to red94 to view its members as wussy pushovers.
    Jah is just an attention seeker. I gave him his one minute
    of attention. Take care and stay safe this 4th of July

  • wendytindys8555

    cap space. The fillers out of FA that I was talking about may be $10 mil per player. Earlier Bomani Jones was https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/357f219d025d9fe7fd3d3407aa20bae1f46de98669e96aa96e0263990e63875d.jpg

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