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The Rockets Daily – March 19, 2014

Third Star – You might not believe this, but Knicks owner James Dolan is “by no means a basketball expert”.  New York is well out of the playoffs – only a collapse by the eighth-place Hawks could save them – and with the second highest payroll in the NBA, they are paying over three-million dollars [...]

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The Rockets Daily – March 13, 2014

Bullseye – The Point-Forward All-Stars has, for several weeks now, been putting together themed-teams to highlight specific traits shared between its team members.  Collections have included the Non-Champions, the All-Payday team and now, the All-Bullseye team, featuring All-Stars who will be facing heightened scrutiny for various reasons come playoff time.  The team is comprised of [...]

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The Rockets Daily – March 11, 2014

King of the Mountain – The Rockets rode their hot week/month/calendar year, not to mention their player of the week, all the way to the top of the Marc Stein’s power rankings this week. The Rockets, in case you missed it, were the 10th team this season to have a crack at playing the Heat [...]

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The Rockets Daily – March 10, 2014

Not much news this weekend besides last night’s amazing game, so we’re going with an all-Twitter Daily today. #StatLineOfTheNight goes to… @JHarden13 w/ 41p-10reb- 6ast-6 stl. #HonorableMention goes to…. @AntDavis23 w/ 32p-17reb-3ast-1 Stl-6b — NBA.com/Stats (@nbastats) March 10, 2014 .@JHarden13 joins Michael Jordan as the only player since 1985-86 to go for 40-10-6-6. — Houston [...]

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The Rockets Daily – March 7, 2014

The Great Wall of Asik – During the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference, Grantland’s Kirk Goldsberry sat down with ESPN to discuss a few things NBA, mainly Goldsberry’s new study into how each pick-action should be valued during the course of a basketball game.  Goldsberry called picks “the most underrated events in basketball,” and added, [...]

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