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Hakeem on this year’s Rockets?

My favorite darkhorse is Houston. Can you even imagine Hakeem Olajuwon running the pick-and-roll with James Harden in Mike D’Antoni’s offense? Hakeem dominated the ’80s, but a wide-open game would make him even more unfair, and that’s before you factor in Harden. That pick-and-roll alone, and that tandem, would be so unstoppable that it puts […]

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Was McGrady ever this bad?

Just a quick recurring thought I’ve had over the past few weeks as discussion of James Harden’s lack of defensive effort has gone viral on a national level: was Tracy McGrady ever this bad?  T-Mac too was notorious for coasting on “that other end” of the court…but I don’t remember him getting embarrassed at the […]

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Which was the more impressive rebuilding?

I noted yesterday that, with training camp already having begun, it wasn’t too difficult to forget that at this time last year, Jeremy Lin was the best player on the Houston roster.  Indeed, the Rockets acquired two top-10 players within the span of nine months.  I wondered aloud if there were comparable instances in history […]

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