Defending the Houston Rockets – Part 2


I only have a few minutes right now, but I just wanted to highlight this possession that caught my attention during yesterday’s game against the Thunder because it reminded me of a similar possession against the Spurs.  Harden runs a side screen and roll with Capela, and after Roberson fights over the top, rather than switching, the latter is able to pick off the over-the-top pass attempt.  The same outcome occurred against Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs, but from the top of the key, during one of the pivotal stretches of play of that game.  The two plays underscore the challenge presented by athletic, long-armed wing defenders like Leonard and Roberson, particularly when not forced to switch.  If that’s Anderson there, Roberson has less time to fight over, and possibly has to switch, because of the threat of the bounce pass into a ‘3’.  If it’s Capela, you prefer Harden on the move, with a different angle.

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