The Daily Blast – January 22, 2013

Finally – The Rockets ended their losing streak with a win in Charlotte, despite the heroics of Kemba Walker (6-7 from three? What??). The last three times the Rockets have played in Charlotte, someone on the court has hit a career high. This year, it was Walker with 35. Last year, it was Chandler Parsons scoring 20 for the first time. The year before that it was Stephen Jackson dropping 43.

Trades, anyone? – Zach Lowe at Grantland is jumping into the Josh-Smith-trade-story bonanza with this fascinating idea:

And that’s the big issue here: Houston should have enough cap space to sign Smith outright in free agency this summer, especially if they make the playoffs and thus have to send their first-round pick to Atlanta (via the Nets). If the Rockets think they can do that despite lacking home-field/Bird rights advantage, why give up anything for Smith now?

Tweet That: MLK Edition - 

Showed "Free at Last" part of MLK 'I have a dream" speech during break. Not sure McHale's and Dunlap's little talks quite measured up.
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Jonathan Feigen
Two MLK tattoos already & maybe a third coming soon.. #MLKDay
 The Daily Blast January 22, 2013
Patrick Patterson

It should be noted that PPatt’s (quite vocal) family was in attendance for the game in Charlotte, and it was a little disappointing to see him get so little playing time. He hustled though, snagging 4 rebounds in his 8 minutes.

I Have a Dream (Shake) – The Greatest Rocket Of All Time turned 50 on MLK Day.

High Anxiety – Royce White will discuss his anxiety disorder on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” tonight. Here’s a preview:

All That PowerMarc Stein’s weekly power rankings have the Rockets predictably slipping to #16.  John Schumann’s rankings are only slightly more generous.

Anti-Moneyball – The Warriors are making a living off of Stephen Curry’s bad shots.

Greatness…or Greatness? The Basketball Jones knows that Bill Russell is not Morgan Freeman.

 Old Friends – Before Jeff Adrien took the court against his old team on Monday, the good folks at Hardwood Paroxysm take a moment to celebrate his work. 

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