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On the NBA: Beyond the Averages

A few weeks ago, Zach Lowe of Grantland put out an incredible piece exploring how the Raptors are using their SportVU tracking data. While I was reading through it, I came across a juicy factoid that I wasn’t sure I agreed with:  An example: The analytics team is unanimous, and rather emphatic, that every team [...]

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On the NBA: Let’s Get Physical?

The recent debate about physicality in the NBA, raging forth at surprising pace, illustrates a number of important phenomena in the state of the league.  The first is that as fans, blogsters, reporters, talking heads, and even players and staffers, we’re all bound to a certain superstar monomania—whether we like it or not. How much [...]

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On the NBA: Where’s the Beef?

Rivalries have long keyed the hold of pro sports leagues over their audiences. Lakers/Celtics, Yankees/Red Sox, Cowboys/49ers, Michael Jordan/Everyone, etcetera—these are highly palatable binaries for network executives. This is because rivalries cut to the heart of what makes professional sports so appealing to so many, at base-level; rivalries ignite an emotional, physical, regional, Us-versus-Them pride [...]

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On the NBA: Discussion with David J. Leonard, author of ‘After Artest.’

‘After Artest: The NBA and the Assault on Blackness,’ the third book by David J. Leonard, is a deeply compelling interrogation of the historical racial politics at play in the power structures and representations relating the NBA’s players, audience, media, and organizations. I got a chance to correspond with Dr. Leonard via e-mail, for this [...]

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On the NBA: Waiting for Superman

Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony both return to the cities that birthed their superstar NBA careers, this week. Anyone with a head can see that the efforts of both to play off these visits as ‘business as usual’ are in vain. Both Howard and Melo, in relation to Orlando and Denver, respectively, illustrate the craziness [...]

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