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‘Musings’ are not quite ‘essays’ but rather shorter nuggets of analysis, queries, responses etc.

Dwight was almost a Rocket in 2012

via Unlike LeBron, Dwight Howard faces no derision after decision – At the time, the strong belief in league circles was that if Howard had kept the ETO in place, he would’ve been traded to the Brooklyn Nets — his first choice and a team that could have delivered Brook Lopez, massive cap relief and [...]

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A picture is worth 1,000 moves

So this is happening right now: Dwight, Olajuwon and McHale. Can confirm dream shake as potent as ever. — Jason Friedman (@JasonCFriedman) August 12, 2013 Captured by Jason Friedman of, the shot above may be the most compelling in Houston Rockets history.  Numerous other iconic images come to mind–Clyde clasping hands with Hakeem [...]

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Highlights: Lithuania vs. Belgium, August 5, 2013 Motiejunas looks bigger.

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More L.A.-based reactionism

via James Harden and D12 Facing Challenges Kobe and Shaq Dealt with a Decade Ago | Bleacher Report: Well, what was up with Harden saying, “No Dwight questions,” as’s Arash Markazi tweeted, at the Drew League in Los Angeles? Jeremy Lin, despite a far less secure standing on the Rockets, answered plenty of Dwight questions [...]

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The Rockets that Never Were

Sometimes the world we live in seems like it has no right to exist. At least 98 percent of all theoretical universes had the Spurs win Game 6. That’s just science. The Rockets have seen their fair share of unlikely snares, too. How did Houston snag Harden? How in the world did they follow up [...]

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