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Golden State Warriors 121, Houston Rockets 94: Giving up

Let’s just get the most important thing about this game out of the way – and which has absolutely nothing to do with the Houston Rockets and everything to do with Stephen Curry. Curry was clearly limited in the first half, but you could see how much better he makes the Warriors. Even while he […]

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Houston Rockets 97, Golden State Warriors 96: One more game

I have no idea what just happened. The Golden State Warriors just kept chipping away at what had once been a 17-point Houston Rockets lead, and had even surged to take a one-point lead with less than a minute left. The Rockets got the lead, and just needed to hold on the ball. Then they […]

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Ball is Life: On Pat Beverley and leadership

The one thing that has amused me about this season is how much NBA fans and analysts still hate the Houston Rockets even while this team continues to embarrass themselves. Only the Los Angeles Clippers attract even remotely the same amount of hate over social media, and at least they’re a good team. But even […]

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