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On the NBA: Mythos vs. Measurement

Derrick Rose jumped back into the happiest part of our imagination last night, reeling off a vintage performance against LeBron and the new-look Cavs. All of the non-play and paltry statistics of his last two years faded away for an evening; he’s back, we thought, and that’s all that matters. No collection of basketball metrics can […]

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On the NBA: Hating greatness

Yes, it’s true, we swim in a sea of LeBron Hate. But I’m not convinced it’s toxic in any novel way. We’ve always had this. Social media, of course, grants some transparency to many of our uglier voices. But the hot spittle of the mediocre-feeling masses is nothing to sound the alarm about, disturbing racial […]

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On the NBA: Rings won in July

It seems unlikely that the Indiana Pacers will return. The Miami Heat killed them last night, did they not? Their assassination came through the Heat’s indifference; Lance Stephenson’s attempts to enter LeBron James’ head were met with a shrug and more excellence. Roy Hibbert has had skill stolen by Nerdlucks once again, he’s a toppling […]

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