The Red94 Week In Review

In this play, Harden swings it to Paul who drives and then passes it to the slightly unaware Gordon. Yet, Gordon lets it fly so quick because his feet are already set.

In the two plays shown below, Chris Paul throws what can only be called a god-like pass cross court to the wide open Gordon. The next play Gordon himself gets caught up, allows Clint Capela to set a half screen to get him just enough space to hit the trey.

Later on this week, the Rockets beat a great Toronto Raptors squad in Canada. Impressive in this victory was Clint Capela, who managed to grab 5 offensive rebounds and 15 in total. He is starting to look like the all-star center everyone knows he can be.

On this play, Harden throws a beautiful hail mary right into the waiting arms of Clint who lays it in.

In typical 2018-2019 Rockets form, they gave up a huge lead. However, early in the fourth quarter they made some dynamic changes on offense and defense which allowed the squad to create some separation. Critical to the spark was Gerald Green who started off the fourth quarter hitting three gorgeous triples.

Here, CP takes advantage of the help defense and swings it to Gerald Green.

For fun, here is Craig Ackerman’s call of one of his shots.

To close out the game, enter James Harden, who put the finishing touches on the team up north by scoring 19 points in just the fourth quarter. As is not customary anymore, Harden finishes this floater in traffic.

According to, James Harden is sixth in the NBA in winning percentage added (WPA) in clutch time.

Finally, the Rockets put the absolute clamps on the 76ers on primetime Friday night, beating them relentlessly.

On this play, Gary Clark takes the ball inside then passes it out for PJ who finds a wide open Iman Shumpert in the corner. If this team gets into a groove, they have enough depth to scare anyone.

Final thoughts: Pretty sure people who google “Mary Shelley” for an English Literature homework assignment and are brought to this website might be confused.

Anyways, here is your flashback Friday moment.

February 25, 1979. Moses Malone records 33 points and 25 rebounds. Check out that nice one-handed rebound.

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