The Red94 Houston Rockets Podcast: Recapping the preseason

In this week’s episode, we touched a little bit upon the Rockets’ expected lineup in 2019. As I noted, as always seems to be the case, the Rockets appear to be much deeper than critics have described, particularly due to the discovered usefulness of Michael Carter-Williams. We have not even seen Brandon Knight yet, the player I figured would be the first man off the bench.

When the games actually count again, I still think we’ll see Eric Gordon in the opening lineup next to James Harden and Chris Paul. Tucker and Capela will round out the starting five.

It’s at that point where I’m not sure what happens because you still have James Ennis, Knight, Carter-Williams, and Carmelo Anthony, for a nine man rotation and not enough minutes to go around. One of the former three is going to get the short end of the stick.

I think Anthony’s best shot at minutes is if he can hold his own defensively as a backup ‘5’ in smallball units. They tried that with Ryan Anderson and Melo is a much better Ryan Anderson at this point.

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