Some more data on Patrick Beverley

As I just tweeted, Patrick Beverley isn’t exactly setting the world on fire right now.

But as revealed by the eye-test, he isn’t stopping anyone this year either.  The numbers, unfortunately, confirm:

Overall, opponents are shooting 45.1% against Beverley.  They shoot 44.4% otherwise.  On 3’s, opponents are shooting 34.2% against Beverley, and 35.25% otherwise.  On 2’s: opponents are shooting 50% against Beverley, and 48.4% otherwise.

Within 6 feet, opponents are shooting 66% against Beverley, while shooting 60% otherwise; within 10 feet, they are shooting 60%, while shooting 54% otherwise.

Now you might say “hold on.  That percentage at the rim is just as much an indictment on the Rockets as a whole as it is of Beverley.” And you’d have a point.  But that would mean you’d be getting torched regardless of who you put out there, and I have a hard time believing it could be that much worse.  Wouldn’t you be better off playing someone who at least gave you something offensively?

At this point, Houston is almost playing 4 on 5.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of

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