Rockets Roundup: 02/06/2015

A quick and digestible look at the most top-of-mind Rockets news of the past few days.

Yahoo! Sports. The Houston Rockets can survive Dwight’s injury, but can Dwight?

“How you look at Dwight Howard’s worrying absence from his Houston Rockets should fall in line with how you typically refer to that proverbial glass either half-full of water or half-empty with worthless, trachea-scratching air. There is a very good chance that the Rockets can weather Howard’s time on the shelf, and resume their impressive ascension into the West’s sturdy list of championship contenders…”

Houston Chronicle. James Harden to participate in 3-point contest at All-Star game.

“The NBA’s leading scorer will not have to wait for the All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 15 to start putting up shots in New York on All-Star Weekend. Rockets guard James Harden on Thursday was named to the field for the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest. He joins a list of competitors that includes Portland’s Wesley Matthews, Golden State’s Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, Atlanta’s Kyle Korver, San Antonio’s Marco Belinelli, Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving, and the Los Angeles Clippers’ J.J. Redick…”

Yahoo! Sports. Tony Allen says James Harden is the only scorer he says he hasn’t figured out.

“Memphis Grizzlies wing Tony Allen has been one of the most effective and versatile defenders in the NBA for several seasons, laying claim to the deserved title of “Grindfather” for his gritty team and regularly guarding and locking down the best scorers on opposing teams. Allen may not be the greatest offensive threat in the league, but he’s a weapon regardless. Few teams can deploy such an accomplished defender to handle so many different kinds of players…”

Grantland. Time For Your Western Conference Wake-up Call: Don’t Sleep On The Clippers.

“Motiejunas has been one of the league’s very best post-up players — he’s shooting 56 percent on post-ups, per Synergy! — and he can manufacture buckets on the pick-and-roll even when an opponent big man guarding Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, or Terrence Jones blocks his path to the rim…”

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