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More opinions on Jones/Motiejunas

From the forums, thejohnnygold:

Here’s something to consider when valuing Jones.  Where does he rank at his position?  I don’t just mean based on PER, or RAPM, or other such things.  Simply, if we ranked the league’s power forwards where would Jones fall?  After that, determining his value and how easily he could be replaced dictates how much we should reasonably pay for his services.  I mean, Earl Clark is just sitting out there right now.  Is Clark that much worse than Jones?  Would we be better with Clark for $1-$2M or Jones at $15M?

I can’t think of a starting PF in the league I wouldn’t take over Jones at $15M and there are quite a few back-ups I would take in lieu of paying Jones that much money.  (Does Jared Sullinger start?  I wouldn’t want him.)

Who the heck is going to pay him that much!?!?!

NorEastern on Motiejunas:

It is impossible for me to imagine a more important player over the next four years on the Rocket’s roster than DMo, except of course for Harden. There are few bigs in the NBA both willing and able to hold down both the four and the five positions. I am a much lesser man than Morey and so I would probably be sitting on DMo’s doorstep right now with a 4 year $64 million contract in hand. I doubt Morey will seek to extend him right now.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of www.Red94.net.

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