On the Houston Rockets’ Lebron James chase – Part 1

Let’s just start this up right now because we’re going to get here anyways once the Finals are over. Why wait? The Houston Rockets intend to pursue Lebron James in free agency despite the financial obstacles which may seem apparent. We’ll dig into all of that later. But I’ve been of the opinion that the greatest challenge to acquiring Lebron is not getting him to sign but rather the cap gymanstics which would be involved. I’m not basing this off of anything beyond just a burning desire to make a bold take on the matter. Just kidding – this is just basic logic here. I’ve compiled a list below with some thoughts:

  • I keep seeing the argument tossed around that “he wouldn’t want to leave the East.” Why? Why does being in the East present some advantage to Lebron? His goal is to beat the Warriors. It’s not to just have the right to face them and get demolished.
  • Now while he may not need to stay in the East, the East does present a good option in the 76ers. Lebron clearly seems to think highly of Ben Simmons so one has to wonder how enticing the prospect of directly mentoring his near-mirror image might be. But while Philly clearly made the jump this year, and Joel Embiid is the game’s best center, how far away are the 76ers? Will they waste a year needing to get through growing pains? I don’t know that mentorship is a life goal when one is running out of time in the way Lebron is. The Houston team is already ready to go, having pushed the Warriors further to the brink than any other team in the Kevin Durant era.
  • I’m so grateful the media has finally calmed down on pushing the preposterous Lebron to L.A. prediction. The notion that, even with Paul George, Lebron and a team of guys at least three years from their respective primes could push the Warriors was absurd.
  • Chris Paul seems like he could be a very convincing dude. I can imagine him calling Lebron endlessly until the latter finally gives in. Paul knows his legacy is at stake as well and like Lebron, Paul is running out of time. He’ll probably be approaching this summer as relentlessly as he does everything else.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of www.Red94.net.


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I see this as a double edge sword. I proudly see this Rockets team as James Harden team. Daryl tailored this team to play around Harden. Last year we saw The Spurs kill us by taking our 3’s and drives. Harden and Daryl came up with a plan to recruit CP3 for his profound pull up j, which in the words of James Harden, “its a layup”. We also picked up PJ which reminded us of the dog that Pat Bev had in him on the defensive side, but non the less Daryl made this team to complement James Harden.… Read more »

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